Male Athlete of the Week Alain Laurent – Soccer

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play?

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Alain Laurent: “It feels really great because it boosts my confidence. Confidence is really important when you’re playing and winning. This really helps.”

CS: You scored the first two goals of your career this past week, what kind of feeling was that?

AL: “The first goal, it hit me hard because I didn’t think I was going to get a goal this season, I wasn’t even thinking about that, but I got it, and the second one came out of no where and it felt good.”

CS: Do you feel that you are playing your best soccer game right now?

AL: “Right now this is not my best soccer game, but it’s getting there.”

CS: Do you feel pressured playing as a freshman to preform to a higher level.

AL: “Not anymore, in the beginning, yeah, but now I think I fit into the team well.”

CS: Even with that big win, you guys still only have one win this year. Can we expect a turnaround after the big win?

AL: “Yeah definitely, I’m expecting a turn around.”