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Members of the USGA e-board, West Haven, Sept. 22, 2023.

A new wave of student leaders

Editorial Staff September 25, 2023

Each academic year, organizations across all facets of campus welcome new voices into leadership positions. With that said, it comes with no disagreement that the Undergraduate Student Government Association...

To continue idling in silence is secondhand manslaughter

Editorial Board September 18, 2023

At age 23, your graduate degree is worth more than $11,000. At 23, you’ve probably spent more than $11,000 on survival necessities alone. At 23, your life is most certainly worth more than $11,000. At...

To new beginnings, from the middle

Editorial Board September 12, 2023

You survived your first week of classes. Whether this was your first year riding on the “Welcome Wagon,” or if you pulled your car into campus with a countdown to May 12, you’ve kicked off another...

The lack of student input on Spring Weekend

Editorial Board April 25, 2023

Students anxiously awaited the Spring Weekend announcements for this year, particularly the yearly headlining artist. However, it took a long time before any word of possible artists were even given to...

Welcoming accepted students as we look toward next year

Editorial Board April 18, 2023

Accepted Students Day marks a moment toward the end of the school year where the university community can begin looking toward the next generation of students coming to New Haven. It allows us to celebrate...

Enjoy the spring weather

Editorial Board April 11, 2023

New England winters can be harsh and unforgiving. New Haven winters in particular can be random and annoying. Either way you look at it, winter is always a long period of cold, gray and gross days. Now,...

It’s time for a change to campus dining

Editorial Board March 28, 2023

The dining services offered on campus are ever changing, with new additions like Moe’s being welcomed every few years. Now, with a growing student population, it is good to reevaluate our dining and...

Celebrating the accomplishments of women around us

Editorial Staff March 7, 2023

Last Wednesday marked the start of Women’s History Month, which runs throughout March and allows us all to reflect on the vital role that women have played throughout American history. As an organization...

The importance of community at the university

Editorial Staff February 28, 2023

Sporting events often provide a quick allegory for the real world. This weekend, the New Haven men’s basketball team hosted their crosstown rivals, Southern Connecticut State University, with a trip...

Don’t believe everything you read online

Editorial Staff February 21, 2023

On Feb. 13, University of New Haven students were stricken with worry and fear as a rumor spread through the anonymous social media site YikYak of a student jumping off Bergami Hall. There were people...

There is a severe lack of substance in Black History Month events

Editorial Board February 14, 2023

Every February, communities gather to celebrate Black History Month and recognize the countless accomplishments of Black people in the United States in the face of a country that has continuously discriminated...

A commitment to freedom of speech

Editorial Staff February 7, 2023

As a news publication, we hold to the idea of free speech and we try to serve an important role in offering it to all. Every week, our Opinions section strives to be a microcosm of the public discourse...

Students should be included more on university decisions

Editorial Staff January 30, 2023

Being a student at a medium-sized university can lead to feeling disconnected from the decisions being made behind the scenes. Decisions that affect the daily operations and activities of students on campus....

There should be no ‘debate’ on same-sex marriage

Editorial Staff December 13, 2022

On Thursday, the United States House of Representatives voted to pass a bill (258-169) that would protect same-sex marriage and interracial marriage by codifying it into law. The bill now moves to President...

Sudden changes to university parking need communication

Editorial Staff December 6, 2022

When commuter students returned from Thanksgiving break, they were met with a construction zone taking up an entire row of spots in the library parking lot. The construction has begun by tearing up the...

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