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The importance of educating yourself before voting

Editorial Board November 22, 2022

With the midterm elections passing by, the focus is now shifting to the 2024 election cycle, which centers around another presidential election. While it may seem far off, the process is already beginning...

The communication department: one of UNH’s hidden gems

Editorial Staff November 15, 2022

The University of New Haven is home to a variety of programs, all of which provide students with professional experience to prepare students for the real world. We always hear about the nationally recognized...

University progress serves as a backdrop to homecoming weekend

Editorial Staff November 8, 2022

While students and alumni were treated to the biggest tailgate of the season before the Homecoming football game against Franklin Pierce, the new Peterson Performance Center loomed over the parking lot...

University’s police carts are a welcomed addition for campus security

Editorial Staff October 4, 2022

On Sept. 26, the University of New Haven announced the addition of a new six-person security golf cart to serve as a safety escort for students looking to travel around campus. The escort runs in the evenings,...

Concerns arise surrounding university cleanliness

Editorial Board September 27, 2022

For a little over a week, students had noticed trash cans that had been continually piled with garbage, cups and fiending flies outside of The Marketplace. A casual walk by would render a nauseating smell...

Student overpopulation exposes lacking infrastructure

Editorial Staff September 20, 2022

The University of New Haven has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Under former university President and Chancellor Steven Kaplan, the school saw a 65% increase in student population since 2004,...

The new look Opinions section

Editorial Staff September 14, 2022

The Charger Bulletin Editorial Staff is made up of all the section and administrative editors that dedicate significant time to researching, writing and producing news stories across multiple platforms....

A new year for the Bulletin

Tyler Wells, Editor-In-Chief September 14, 2022

After winning our second consecutive first place award for student journalism from the American Scholastic Press Association, the Charger Bulletin is back with high expectations for this school year. My...

Our editorial standards: A commitment

Isabelle Hajek and Editorial Board February 8, 2022

Since 1928, the Charger Bulletin has served as the official news source of the University of New Haven, striving for timeliness, accuracy and hard-hitting news to keep our community informed. The opinions...

Preparing for Years to Come

Preparing for Years to Come

The Editorial Board, The Charger Bulletin April 24, 2018

Dozens of students, approximately 25 articles, and uncountable hours. These are the elements of a successful college newspaper. Every week, the Charger Bulletin works as a team to build content, copy...

Internships and College Students

Internships and College Students

Editorial Board April 11, 2018

As college students, we go through our college years eager to learn, and later apply what we learned to our careers. So, what do we do? We go out and we look for internships, paid or unpaid, we are more...

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See Something, Say Something.

Editorial Board March 7, 2018

No campus is completely safe from an unexpected attack. At any point, the lives of students could be in danger. There are no metal detectors in buildings, and the campus, despite its great efforts, is...

Looking at College Substance Abuse

Looking at College Substance Abuse

Editorial Board February 26, 2018

At the University of New Haven, there are “dry” residence halls, which are dormitories that forbid alcohol in the building, like Bergami Hall. here are also residence halls that permit alcohol consumption,...

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