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The star who defined body positivity

Teresa Zangari, Contributing Writer April 27, 2022

Lizzo, a music superstar and body icon, has become the embodiment of what it means to embrace imperfections, normalize all shapes and sizes, and admire who you are. From a young age, Lizzo faced countless...

Drug usage: A freedom, not a legislation

Mia Adduci, Student Life Editor April 27, 2022

There’s no reason to beat around the bush: the U.S. is approaching substance legislation entirely wrong, from cannabis, to cocaine, to heroine. What right does the government have to grab our citizens...

Allistics need to start using identity-first language: Say autistic

Morgan Fitch, Contributing Writer April 27, 2022

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month, and is dedicated to all autistics, or so allistics claim. On the surface, you have allistics reading about autism, posting their support on social media and...

Letter to the Editor: Student Photos & Voices on Campus Issues: Mental Health, Careers, Commuters, and Community

Editorial Staff, Editorial Staff April 27, 2022

Dear Editor, As part of this semester’s PSYC 3330-01 Community Psychology class, we completed Participatory Action Research (PAR) Photovoice projects focusing on campus issues we identified as important...

Graduation Regalia and honor chords, West Haven, CT

4 years was well worth it

Finley Chapman, Contributing Writer April 27, 2022

After four years of college, I am going to be graduating this May with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, concentrating in digital media. If you were to ask me if I feel prepared for life after my bachelor’s...

Photo of Maxcy Hall, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT, April 24 2022

From a small hometown to a university

Stephen Gangi, Contributing Writer April 27, 2022

I don’t know about you, but my hometown in Northern New Jersey is incredibly small; so small, in fact, that I have to tell people I am from the larger town a couple minutes away, otherwise they won’t...

Blood Hunt: Those who own the night

Antoinette Yen , Entertainment Editor April 12, 2022

Satire Dear Entertainment Editor, Why is life so cruel? What exactly is our crime, that we must live off of the blood that flows through our veins? What do you think we'll do if we're thirsty for a drink?...

Take the time to mind your mental health

Take the time to mind your mental health

Teresa Zangari, Contributing Writer April 12, 2022

Mental health issues have become a prevalent matter on college campuses across the country, affecting the academic success and performance of students. To many of these students, the surge in mental health...

The main entrance to the University, April 10, 2022, West Haven

How long will we ignore the lack of security surrounding our campus?

Mia Adduci, Student Life Editor April 12, 2022

It wasn’t enough when two students were robbed at gunpoint last fall outside the university’s convenience store. As a result, increased patrol vehicles were visible across campus for just under a week,...

TikTok is ruining our lives

TikTok is ruining our lives

Samuel Weinmann, Politics Editor April 12, 2022

Picture this: you pick up your phone right before going to bed and open up TikTok––the usual routine for many. You start by watching a heartwarming video of someone saving an animal that was abandoned...

Always remember the Charger Bulletin this way

Antoinette Yen, Entertainment Editor April 6, 2022

Satire Working on an editorial board conjures up images of well-dressed, bodycon-clad females and men in tuxes or other formal attire. More of a business-casual dress code. But not here at the Charger...

Fanned-out one-dollar bills, West Haven.

Out with the old, in with the new

Teresa Zangari, Contributing Writer April 5, 2022

Satire I have never been more thankful for the continual rise in academic tuition prices. It is bold of us to allow ourselves to be embraced with a lifetime of debt for the useless education we are...

The Resident Italian and Sports Editor display their love-hate relationship, West Haven.

Meet the brains behind the Bulletin

Lindsay Giovannone, Sports Editor April 5, 2022

Satire Kayla Mutchler “The Big Cheese” Kayla has been a dedicated writer to the Charger Bulletin since her freshman year. Assuming the role of The Big Cheese for the past two years, she has been...

Azealia Banks performs.

Azealia Banks launches wholesome anti-bullying campaign

Samuel Weinmann, Politics Editor April 5, 2022

Satire On Sunday, philanthropist, rapper and social media influencer Azealia Banks launched a social media campaign targeted at eradicating bullying. Banks has already championed four other successful...

Charlie the Charger: Admission’s token nonbinary icon

Charlie the Charger: Admission’s token nonbinary icon

Mia Adduci, Student Life Editor April 5, 2022

Satire We all know that the queer population at the University of New Haven is vast, yet somehow, despite our overpowering ratio, we tend to be underrepresented. In recent light, the university has displayed...

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