Charging Through Rec Sports


Christopher DiGeronimo

As season one of the Rec Sports season comes to a close, we reflect on how fun and competitive Rec Sports can actually be.

Season one of Rec Sports included 3v3 Basketball, Outdoor Soccer, 6v6 Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Racquetball Doubles, and Cricket. As an active participant in Rec Sports I can tell you that playing four of the six available sports is an adrenaline rush and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Playing all these sports allows you to test your mental and physical abilities because you are playing a different sport every day, and sometimes you could play up to two or three a day based on how many you play. Some might say focusing on one sport is really beneficial, but I believe playing multiple sports allows you to face a new challenge every time you step on the court or field.    

I feel that Rec Sports allows you to obtain basic everyday skills that you actually need to be successful in college and in the real world. In order to be a good team member you have to be able to communicate with your team and adapt to in game situations.

These skills apply to everyday life because if you are doing a group project for school, you need to be able to communicate your ideas in order for it to be qualified as a group effort. You also need to adapt to different situations because someone in your group could become sick, and then their responsibility becomes your responsibility. With that being said you have to be ready for any situation whether it be in sports or in an academic atmosphere and Rec Sports can help strengthen those skills.

After playing many sports throughout my life, I have learned that you develop a set of skills that allow you to become successful in that particular sport. For Example, in baseball and football you acquire discipline in order to do your job on the field. In Soccer you develop the skill of becoming a team player and relying on your teammates to get the ball down the field. In Basketball you also have to rely on your teammates in order to make yourself better. All these skills are great when you use them in that particular sport, but I feel it is even better when you allow those skills to bleed into different sports.

The notable teams that have been battling it out for championships in season one have been heavy favored “Swat Team,” the musically inspired “Banding Bandits,” and the up and coming newbies “Dawg Pound.” These three teams are competing for the highly coveted “Charger Cup,” which allows teams to rack up points to get their team name on a banner in the Rec Center. The “Charger Cup” allows registered teams to accumulate points for signing into games, winning, and receiving a good sportsmanship rating.

Teams can also lose points for forfeiting games, players getting ejected, and receiving a poor sportsmanship rating. All of these requirements come into play at some point, so it is essential that your team tries to follows all the rules so they can get as many points as possible. These teams compete in almost every sport throughout the season and it is going to be very interesting at the end of the school year to see who comes out on top. There are also many great teams that compete week in and week out, but they focus on one sport or a few sports throughout the season. So far in the season one playoffs “Swat Team” and “Banding Bandits” have racked up a couple of championships each, while “Dawg Pound” looks to catch up in the coming seasons.  

Overall, Rec Sports is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and gain new enemies. Rec Sports helps to bring the competitive spirit of NCAA athletics to students who just want to compete for the fun of it. There are a variety of different sports to play, and it gives the students an opportunity to learn new sports that they haven’t played. Rec Sports pits Charger against Charger and it is up to you and your team to determine who comes out on top.