The Train is Not Stopping

Glenn Rohrbacker

We all know Train. “Drops of Jupiter:” a classic. “Hey, Soul Sister:” either made or ruined your summer in 2010.

Train released their seventh studio album was released on Sept. 16 (AP photo)
Train released their seventh studio album was released on Sept. 16 (AP photo)

Many other songs have reached our hearts and ruined our voices. One can’t help but wonder what we could have had those years that Train took their hiatus. But obviously they took that time to regroup, and because of that, they came out stronger.

Train released their seventh studio album this week titled Bulletproof Picasso. It’s their third album release since their return to the stage in 2010.

I have to say, I was so excited for this release when the first single, “Angel in Blue Jeans,” was released. It seems like every modern soft rock artist is trying a western track (or in John Mayer’s case, an album or two). This may seem like a stretch for Train, especially for a voice like Pat Monahan’s, but they absolutely killed it. The rest of the album is also incredible. Song after song, you just want to jam out.

The first single released off of the album was “Angel in Blue Jeans.” This western influenced song also features Danny Trejo in the epic music video that makes you want the song to go on even longer. “Cadillac, Cadillac” was the second single released and slightly resembles the old rhyme “Patty-cake” if you really listen to it. But it is definitely different in the sense that it has a grunge rock feel to it; a different sound for Train, but definitely fitting.

The title track, “Bulletproof Picasso,” is a very typical Train sound, but nonetheless awesome. It has an uplifting nature and inspiring message behind it. The ballad “Don’t Grow Up Too Fast” shows off Pat Monahan’s soft side and vocal control. It has the potential to reach the heart of anyone, but more especially to the parents out there (also it would be a good song for a father-daughter dance at a wedding or Sweet 16).

“The Bridge” is a song you just want to dance to. It has a fast and catchy beat and sing-a-long worthy lyrics. “Wonder What Your Doing for the Rest of Your Life” is another definitely danceable song that features vocals by Marsha Ambrosius. “Give it All” is an uplifting power ballad that is about wanting just one more night with a special someone, but knowing that they have to go. Pat really puts his soul and emotion behind that song to make you really feel it too.

Basically, what I’m saying is Train really knocked it out of the park with this album. I just downloaded it and I already can’t wait for the next one. I would definitely recommend this album to current Train fans, previous Train fans or people who only know the two songs I previously mentioned. I can’t wait to see what Train releases next.

Bulletproof Picasso definitely shows that Train is definitely not stopping.