The Spotlight: The Dustbusters

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

It’s no secret that there’s immense talent on the University of New Haven campus. However, if anyone truly deserves to be in the spotlight, it would have to be The Dustbusters.

Photo By Ileana Alvarez-Diaz
Photo By Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

The band consists of Anthony Rossi, Tom Stringer, Cory Giovan and Drew Niedzielski; four guys who know they’re unparalleled. Together they create stellar music, encompassing countless skills beyond belief.

I was given the chance to interview one of the members, in which he told me how this band came to be.

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz: “How did you all meet? Your majors?”

Drew Niedzielski: “We all met at UNH in the music LLC last year. We are all music production and music business majors.”

IAD: “Where did the idea of forming this band come from? What inspired you?”

DN: “We were all friends and would jam a lot, so at some point we just started writing songs and playing shows.”

IAD: “Why UNH?”

DN: “We don’t really know, Tony went here because his sister also goes here, the rest of us wanted to go to a school with a good production program.”

IAD: “Tell me about the music process.”

DN: “Usually someone comes up with a riff or progression, and it sort of gets built up with the rest of us over time into a full song, by jamming at practice or writing more.”

IAD: How about songwriting? Does one person write all the songs or do you all collaborate?

DN: “Usually Tony and Tom write the melodies and lyrics, but everyone is involved in the writing process.”

IAD: “What do you want to convey to the audience—what do you want us to walk away with?”

DN: “We just want to play to our potential and make sure the audience has as good a time as we do”

IAD: “Tell me about the very first time you all preformed together. How did that feel?”

DN: “The first show we played was at Dodd’s Theater here at UNH. Our friends came to see us which felt great, and the other bands were very talented; we really don’t remember much else.”

IAD: “Any embarrassing moments while preforming?”

DN: “The last show we played both Tony and Tom broke strings on their guitars and some drunk person knocked over a PA speaker.”

IAD: “Are you guys looking to be signed or do you prefer the creative independence?”

DN: “We are planning on releasing an album soon, we don’t know whether we want to release it on a label or independently yet.”

IAD: “Now because these always show up, what are some of the challenges you all face?”

DN: “Finding time to practice, write and record is always a difficulty”

IAD: “What’s the fun part?”

DN: “The fun part is playing and writing music, partying and going to shows”

IAD: “Who came up with the name? Origin?”

DN: “The name is stolen from an old vacuum cleaner we use to clean the dorm.”

IAD: Final question: is there anything else you want readers to know?

DN: “We recommend going to a local show. You might just have a good time and meet a new friend.”

I highly recommend checking them out as well as seeing them live. They’re full of potential and definitely deserve a place on your playlists.;