The Headlining Tour You Shouldn’t Miss

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Paradise Fears is a band that conveys so much grand emotion that it’s utterly unparalleled to anything else. You will feel everything all at once.

Paradise Fears (Photo obtained via Facebook)
Paradise Fears (Photo obtained via Facebook)

The five-piece band from Vermillion, S.D. has begun their very first headlining tour and their show at The Space was stunningly intense and wondrous. There was never a dull moment. They put on such a euphoric show, giving it their all.

Consisting of vocalist Sam Miller, guitarists Cole Andre and Jordan Merrigan, pianist Michael Walker, and bassist Marcus Sand, this band’s headlining tour is one you shouldn’t miss.

The band has recently signed to Nashville’s DigSin records, but what’s really impressive is that they’ve managed to captivate thousands of fans, streaming on YouTube and Spotify. Their honest lyrics and beautifully written melodies are what make this band worth hearing.

The band was on the road with William Beckett, Hollywood Ending, Nick Thomas, Against the Current and other fantastic opening acts, and their show was unbelievable and unforgettable.

The crowd went insane for Paradise Fears, who opened with “What Are You Waiting For?” There were times where I thought fellow concert-goers were being hurt by the sounds of their screams, but they were just that star-struck.

It makes sense, though—this band is well put together. Sam Miller is full of energy on stage, going from left and right to see everyone and getting them to sing along. His voice is heavenly; there’s no doubt about it.

In the very beginning, Miller stated that, “…if you’re here for a Billy Joel concert, you’re in the wrong f***ing place. But if you’re here for something like a Ramones concert, yeah!”
Miller said the show was going to be all over the place, and it was. Going from songs like “Fought For Me” to “Lullaby,” the vibes were constantly changing in a way so perfect, that it’s pure magic. There were trumpets—yes, this five-piece band utilizes ten instruments. Their harmonies were incredible, blending together so well.

They performed “Yours Truly,” and pianist, Michael Walker was divine as he opened with the lovely melody. I came across the song on Spotify, and I remember repeating it all night. I felt as if this song knew every single word I needed to hear in that moment.

They also played their new single, “You To Believe In,” released by DigSin Records and there are no words to describe how flawless it is. The audience sung along, which made it all that more heartwarming and amazing!

The band also invited William Beckett back on stage to cover Macklemore’s “Same Love.” I may have shed a tear or a few, but that’s because this cover was executed so well that it gave me chills. And they didn’t stop at just one cover. Throughout the night, the band covered Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap,” and a snippet of 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite.”

Ending with “Battle Scars,” Paradise Fears made sure that every musical element embedded into their songs was included on stage in order to unleash the ultimate emotional experience.