Local Gigs of the Week

Ashley Winward


local gigs of the week

Toad’s Place


Feb. 4: The Woah Tour Feat Round2Crew, Dylan Holland and Alyssa Shouse


Feb. 5: Marky Ramone Book Signing “My Life as a Ramone”


Feb. 5: Bright Light 12: Electro Glow Party


Feb. 6: Kap Slap




The Space


Feb. 5: Reckless Seranade with Lightness and London Eyes


Feb. 6: Todd Carey with Avenues and Justin Levinson


Feb. 7: Catalina Gonzalez with Entrance to Trains and Skout


Feb. 8: Carousel Kings with Survay Says!, Freshman 15, Everybody Run, The Worthwhile Fight and Two O’Clock Courage




The Oakdale


Feb. 3-8: Jersey Boys Touring Company




Cafe nine (21+)


Feb. 4: Peter Karp & Sue Foley Band


Feb. 5: Toyz with If Jesus Had Machine Guns (DJ), and King Panos


Feb. 6: Buzz Gordo’s Ski Lodge


Feb. 6: Intercourse with Empty Vessels, Kings and Liars, and Sperm Donor


Feb. 7: Jazz Jam with Mike Coppola and Friends


Feb. 7: The Hempsteadys with The Screw-Ups, Head with Wings and Wasted Days


Feb. 8: Sunday Night Jam: George Baker Band


Feb. 9: Fifth Nation with Siul Hughs




BAR (21+)


Feb. 4: Semicircle (members of Reptar) with White Violet and Spectral Fangs


Feb. 11: Franz Nicolay with New Years Revolution and Dagwood