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Cute Is What We Aim For; Bringing Acoustic Back

Photo Provided by Shannon Livewell
Photo Provided by Shannon Livewell

Going to see Cute Is What We Aim For at The Space this past week was definitely a blast from the past for me. This is a band that I loved during middle school and my preteen years. It was incredible to see how much they have grown since their last full-length album in 2008 and it was refreshing to see that they developed with their audience.I was extremely shocked when I realized that the now duo instead of full band was going to do an acoustic set. I have always preferred acoustic versions of their songs from different YouTube videos and live sessions I had seem them do, so I was really happy to see they were keeping that laxed vibe. The acoustic set definitely made for a more comfortable and laid back show with a coffee shop feel. I believe choosing to do this type of set also helped the duo interact with their audience so much more, which is important for this change-in-sound E.P release, “Real Eyes.”

The Space was definitely not as crowded as I expected it to be, but I did see a lot of UNH students, which is rare for Sunday night shows I have covered in the past.

Cute Is What We Aim For used to appeal to such a young demographic it was crazy to see how mature the audience was, but I think it helped them believe in their change of pace because they saw it was reciprocated well by their fan base.

I originally had an interview scheduled with the band but Shaant, the lead singer, got extremely sick before their set. As I was talking to their tour manager about this change in schedule, I learned that the duo had been traveling for five days straight with no rests in between stops, so I can only imagine how draining that must be. I was afraid that because of this illness their set would suffer, but once the two got on stage, they put on one amazing show.

I stuck around for a little after their set to talk to Shaant about their release of “Real Eyes.” I asked what he thought was the most greatly reciprocated song so far.

“Definitely ‘A Closed Mind and An Open Mouth,’” said Shaant. “It’s so difficult to find the balance between keeping the style you know your fans love and forcing them to grow into a new one with you, but I think that this song really finds that balance for us. It’s still the old Cute Is What We Aim For, but with a more sophisticated essence,” he said this as if he was mocking their more mature façade.

Though I would have liked to sit down and ask a million more questions to this duo, I think that their music speaks for itself. This is a band that made a reunion in hopes of giving their long-term fans more of the music they loved. This band has changed so drastically over the years and I think it is safe to say they are at a place now that is exactly where they should be. If you have not taken the time to listen to their latest E.P, “Real Eyes,” I would do so as soon as possible.