Fun. Closes Out Their Some Nights Tour In Bridgeport

Ashley Winward

This weekend Fun. set Bridgeport on fire as they closed out their three month Some Nights tour featuring opening band Tegan and Sara. The band known for their breakout single, “We Are Young,” brought an electrifying show of songs both new and old that had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands the entire night.

Photo Provided by Ashley Winward
Photo Provided by Ashley Winward

First up were Canadian cuties Tegan and Sara. Playing an hour of music, the majority coming from their latest album, Heartthrob, as well as some older hits, the duo was well received by the crowd. While they spent most of their performance stationary, needing to be near their synth machines, Tegan and Sara both have a wonderful positive energy that radiated through the whole arena.Tegan danced around as Sara belted out gorgeous melodies like, “Goodbye, Goodbye,” and “I Was A Fool.” The backup band was fantastic and the twins (Yes, Tegan and Sara are twins if you hadn’t yet realized) were absolutely flawless. I had such an awesome time dancing along to their set with my friends. My favorites of the set include, “Drove Me Wild,” “How Come You Don’t Want Me,” and their hit single, “Closer,” which they closed the show out with. Jack Antonoff later mentioned that Tegan and Sara have been an inspiration to him throughout the years and I can really see why after watching them perform live.

Fun. came out suited up to a crowd that could not stop screaming for the life of them, as the show began with the “Some Nights (Intro).” The rest of the set paired the platinum recorded Some Nights record with their earlier release Aim and Ignite. The crowd was full of die-hards, knowing each and every song regardless of how old it was.

Lead singer, Nate Ruess, prefaced the performance saying, “I have a few days off after tonight so I’m going to scream and sing louder than I probably want to,” and man did he deliver. Ruess has been dealing with vocal issues in the past year, having to cancel a show with Mumford and Sons just last week, however you couldn’t even tell. His range was just as strong as it sounds recorded and his tone quality is so velvety I nearly melted. His energy was through the roof, running around, jumping, and slipping off speakers (no injuries to report!) for most of the night.

Fun. is one of those bands that sounds identical to their albums and I appreciate artists like that so much. Hearing the hits like, “Carry On,” and “Some Nights,” gave me chills down to the bone and getting to hear “All The Pretty Girls,” appropriately on a Saturday night dancing with my best friends was a memory I’ll never forget.

Fun. is such a talented group of performers and their live show is like nothing you will ever again experience in your life. In short, their passion, talents and energy was incredible, and I wish I could relive the whole experience over again for the rest of my life!