Don’t miss the new album from Modern Baseball

Jordan Schonberger

Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball, a band that graced the stage of the German Club last semester, have released their sophomore album entitled You’re Gonna Miss It All recently to rave reviews. An impressive effort from the indie punk outfit, as they are the youngest group on the Run For Cover Records’ roster.

There are similarities here that you’ll find on their first album, Sports, particularly with song structure. But what stands out from this album is the driving guitar parts and that the instrumentation overall seems fuller, lending complements to the production of the record.

Photo obtained via Facebook
Photo obtained via Facebook

Production aside, there is also evidence of experimentation on this record that was not heard with the last, especially with the song, “Going to Bed Now,” where you hear influences of country in the guitars.

Lyrical content is exceptional here as well. They’re more raw and vulnerable on this record, like with the album’s single, “Your Graduation.”

“Charlie Black” is another song that’s very heart-on-your-sleeves too, but also makes good use of whoa’s in the chorus section, a first for the band that proves to be very catchy. “Rock Bottom” is another infectious tune proving that the songwriting has strengthened over the course of the band’s career.

The appropriately titled album You’re Gonna Miss It All, is a great representation of where the band is now, and it gets better with every listen. Any fan of bands like The Front Bottoms, can seriously dig what these guys are up to. But heed their warning…. You don’t want to miss out on what they’ve got.