Three Powerball Winners in Connecticut

Veronica Maciel

Yes, that headline is correct; three men collected the $254 million Powerball Jackpot on Monday, November 28. Tim Davidson, one of the men, purchased a single Quick Pick dollar ticket at the Shippan Point BP station in Stamford. This is the largest Powerball in Connecticut, and the twelfth largest in Powerball history. All three men, Tim Davidson, Brandon Lacoff, and Greg Skidmore, work at an asset firm called Belpointe in Greenwich, Connecticut.

On the company’s website, the three men’s biographies can be found. Skidmore is the company’s president and chief investment officer. Davidson grew up in Switzerland, France and the United Kingston and started his career in financial markets in 1979 with a French bank. He has worked in New York, Paris and London and is a senior portfolio manager and wealth adviser. Lacoff is the co-founded Belpointe and owns others businesses and properties on Connecticut’s shoreline, including companies that manage the assets of individuals and institutions.

A man came forward claiming to be the landlord of their company. Thomas Gladstone told press that he was surprised Lacoff didn’t tell him about the winnings Friday night when Gladstone had seen him. He also claims he called Lacoff on Monday night and asked about everything. He says that Lacoff told him the three men are representing an anonymous person who doesn’t want to get “harassed and hounded” because he won the lottery.

The men put the money into a trust. According to ABC news, the men’s Putnam Avenue Family Trust had this to say about all the speculation of the jackpot, “there are a total of three trustees and there is no anonymous fourth participant.”

The total amount to be deposited into the trust is $103,586,824.51, after all taxes are taken out of the 254 million. In the next 10 days, there will be a total of one million dollars from this being distributed among organizations in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area to help veterans.

Also according to NBC, the statement from the trust goes on to state that, “The three trustees consider this the first stop on what we see as a journey of philanthropy in the months and years to come.”