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Spooky, Scary, Spots Sending Shivers Down the State

Spooky, Scary, Spots Sending Shivers Down the State

Mia Steadman, Contributing Writer

October 26, 2020

Connecticut, as one of the oldest states in the U.S., is a hotbed of paranormal activity. With haunted psychiatric hospitals, an abandoned ghost town, and numerous locations that have warranted visits from Edward and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigating duo that appears in the “Conjuring”...

Connecticut Prisons’ Response to Coronavirus

Connecticut Prisons' Response to Coronavirus

Amanda M. Castro, Staff Writer

April 16, 2020

Following protests outside Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s residence over his decision to not release prisoners amid the global coronavirus pandemic, 700 prisoners were released from state correctional facilities. According to Connecticut’s Department of Corrections (DOC) website, 52 staff members alo...

States Honor Meek Mill With His Own Day

States Honor Meek Mill With His Own Day

Matt Verrilli, Staff Writer

April 17, 2019

Following suit with other states, Connecticut declared a “Meek Mill Day” following his performance in Hartford, CT on Mar. 19. Before stepping on stage, Meek Mill met backstage with State Representative, Brandon McGee who not only handed Mill the key to Connecticut, but also a proclamation officia...

Conn. Justice Kicks-Off Black History Month

Conn. Justice Kicks-Off Black History Month

Serena Piervincenzi, Contributing Writer

February 7, 2019

On Friday, Feb.1, chief justice of the Conn. state supreme court, Richard A. Robinson, came to speak at Bucknall Theater to kick off Black History Month on the University of New Haven’s campus.  Robinson’s speech focused on his upbringing as a young black American in Stamford, Conn. Born in 1957...

Poverty Does not Discriminate

Poverty Does not Discriminate

Mitsouki Garvey-Sanchez, Opinions Editor

October 2, 2018

When you hear the word poverty, many things may go through your mind: rundown neighborhoods, poor people, homelessness, high crime rates and more. Poverty is more than just that. In the state of Connecticut, poverty is a significant issue. As of 2017 there were 3,387 people experiencing homelessness and over 700 were children. 95 people with m...

Connecticut Voted 5th Worst State for Road Rage

Connecticut Voted 5th Worst State for Road Rage

Victoria Cagley, Contributing Writer

October 2, 2018

Connecticut has ranked fifth out of a list of 32 states with the worst road rage, according to Auto Insurance Center. In a recent data analysis on fatal injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes, Auto Insurance Center reported that a significant portion of those fatal crashes happened because of road rage. However,...

10 Spooky Things to Do on a Budget

10 Spooky Things to Do on a Budget

Quiana Criales, Contributing Writer

October 26, 2017

Let’s face it, the whole month of October is used to celebrate Halloween. Are you on a low budget and feel like you cannot fully enjoy the holiday? With overpriced haunted houses and hayrides, how are college students supposed to enjoy Halloween? Over this much needed fall break, consider some of th...

Photo of the Week

The Charger Bulletin

March 30, 2016


School Segregation is Alive and Well in Hartford, Conn.

Kaitlin Mahar

March 23, 2016

From the United States Supreme Court case of Brown v. the Board of Education in 1954 to the Connecticut State Supreme Court case of Sheff v. O’Neill in 1989, segregation in public schools has been a hot-button issue in American public school systems, and public school systems of the state of Connecticut...

Making the Most of MakeHaven

Alyssa MacKinnon

November 18, 2015

MakeHaven is an amazing space on State Steet in downtown New Haven. They proudly declare that, “It’s a gathering place and workshop for makers, creators, tinkerers and dreamers.” The varied but close-knit group work promotes an environment that supports the development of and collaboration on a...

Professional Women’s Ice Hockey is Coming to Connecticut

Angela Tricarico

October 14, 2015

It seems women’s ice hockey gets lost in the hype of men’s ice hockey, as do most women’s sports, but the USA’s Women’s National Ice Hockey Team is actually an extremely successful team. They’ve placed first in two of the last three world championships, and won medals in the past four Olympic...

Queen Moo’s DIY Debut Album

Michael Quick

September 2, 2015

Local Connecticut band’s first full-length album will stay on repeat ‘till the cows come home One of the many things that I’ve come to appreciate since coming to college is the local music scene. I grew up in one of the more rural areas of New Jersey, so the local music scene back there is e...

Local Gigs of the Week

Ashley Winward

April 22, 2015

Toad’s Place April 24: Twiddle with Relative Souls and Tyrone Shoelaces April 26: Richard Thompson The Space April 23: The Color Morale with Vanna and Alive Like Me April 24: Speedy Ortiz with Mitski, Krill and Blessed State April 25: Signal the Escape with Moving Brooklyn, Five Stories Falling and Cali...

Local gigs of the week

Ashley Winward

March 11, 2015

Toad’s Place March 13: Dipset Reunion Tour with 6 Figgaz, DJs Funkmaster Flex and Big Mike March 14: Hollywood Undead with From Ashes to New March 15: Sage Francis/ Ceschi with Metermaids, Pat the Bunny and Brook Pridemore The Space March 13: Anchors Away with Caliway, Our Walking Deception, Novelty, Salit...

UNH professor impacts education in Conn.

Miriam Correia

October 22, 2014

The University of New Haven’s Nancy Niemi has been appointed to Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education’s Network for Transforming Education Grant Team. Recently, Connecticut has been awarded quite a few grants, including a grant to transform school climate, the Project Prevent Grant, which is pro...

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