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Justin Bieber Drops the Ultimate Love Album with “Changes”

Justin Bieber Drops the Ultimate Love Album with

Majelique Lewis, Contributing Writer

March 11, 2020

After a lengthy hiatus, Justin Bieber dropped his fifth studio album “Changes” on Valentine’s Day. According to Billboard, the album was inspired by his super-model wife, Hailey Baldwin. "This is an album I wrote in the first year of our marriage, so it's so fresh,” said Bieber. “There's so much mo...

Sodexo delivers big changes

The Charger Bulletin

October 1, 2014

By Shani Robinson Marketing Intern for Sodexo [email protected] Any student returning to the University of New Haven this fall has probably noticed some big changes with campus food this semester. Sodexo has brought some drastic changes to the way students eat and what they can eat, featuring new stations and even the launching Food On D...

Math Zone gets a new course structure and director

Samantha Mathewson

August 27, 2014

Yevgeniya Rivers seeks to create a more cohesive Math Zone environment with a revised course structure this year as new director of the program. “The class now meets in Math Zone,” said Rivers. Unlike the past, the structure of Math Zone now requires students to have an hour and 15-minu...

Change is a good thing

Elissa Sanci

August 27, 2014

The University of New Haven has undergone major changes over this past summer, both physically and academically. In an email to the campus sent out on Aug. 21, President Steven Kaplan outlined the different changes and renovations that students are expected to find once back at UNH for the semester. Westside...


Liana Teixeira

October 24, 2012

Ah, fall, the season of change. Leaves turn from their usual greenish hue to bright yellows and oranges in a matter of weeks. The weather gets a bit nippier, and we hug our coats a little closer to our bodies than normal. This season, the UNH campus is going through many transitions, whether they be...

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and Face the Strange!

Matt DiGiovanni

March 2, 2011

In last week’s issue of The Charger Bulletin, "The Charger Battery" included a mention of a change in the rules about meal plans. At the time, it was from a reputable source, but now it has been officially announced; there will be changes to meal plans and additionally, to some parts of the room selection...

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