Liana Teixeira

Ah, fall, the season of change. Leaves turn from their usual greenish hue to bright yellows and oranges in a matter of weeks. The weather gets a bit nippier, and we hug our coats a little closer to our bodies than normal. This season, the UNH campus is going through many transitions, whether they be new construction projects or renovation jobs. And so is the Charger Bulletin.

This semester, as hopefully most of you have noticed, the Charger Bulletin has undergone several significant changes in layout and content, the most notable being the front cover (that’s right, I bet half of you reading this just flipped back to the cover to investigate). The left hand side of the page is now home to “Bulletin Briefs.” The name speaks for itself. Instead of wondering what other amazing stories lay beyond the front page and flipping countless pages to find that one story that interests you, check out the highlights from each genre and where to find them in the issue. Navigating the Bulletin just got a whole lot easier! Oh, and did I mention the Charger Bulletin masthead letters on the front page are now printed in “UNH Blue”? Now that’s what I call Charger Pride.

The second major change is that the Charger Bulletin no longer covers global news (say what?!). Yes, it’s true. We took a step back and realized that we are not the New York Times, we are a campus newspaper. And as a campus newspaper, our primary obligation is to the students at the University of New Haven. This means covering events sponsored by RSOs, relevant local news and campus-wide issues. It is important that the student body understand what is going on around them. This initiative also encourages more organizations and UNH students to reach out to the Bulletin, whether it be to promote an event, or simply voice their opinions in a letter to the editor, Charger Poll or editorial. We want to showcase what the university and local community has to offer.

Well, there you have it, this year’s major changes. As always, the Charger Bulletin encourages student and faculty comment on anything and everything. If you have a concern or question regarding these changes (or if you totally hate them and want things to go back to the way they were), we encourage you to give us your feedback! We would be no where without your honest opinions.