Math Zone gets a new course structure and director

Samantha Mathewson

Yevgeniya Rivers seeks to create a more cohesive Math Zone environment with a revised course structure this year as new director of the program.

North Hall, Home to Math Zone is under the new direction of Yevgeniya Rivers  (Photo by Samantha Mathewson / Charger Bulletin Photo)
North Hall, Home to Math Zone is under the new direction of Yevgeniya Rivers
(Photo by Samantha Mathewson / Charger Bulletin Photo)

“The class now meets in Math Zone,” said Rivers.

Unlike the past, the structure of Math Zone now requires students to have an hour and 15-minute block in their schedule for seat time twice a week, just as any other course would.

“We encourage 10 hours a week total,” said Rivers, the new director of Math Zone. “Six additional hours should be spent at the student’s own pace.”

Math Zone launched at the University of New Haven in the fall of 2013 and is an innovation in mathematics education, merging e-learning technology with direct teaching methods to enhance student success.

Each student is going to have two teachers and one tutor assigned to their course.

The faculty will provide students with mini-lectures, support through guided practice and assistance with navigating the software. They will monitor student progress and guide them in the mathematics learning process.

“There will be a customized pacing guide,” said Rivers. “This allows students to finish early if they gain mastery points at a quicker pace.”

To utilize the customized pacing guide, students adjust the end date of their course, and the pacing guide adjusts the schedule of mastery points for them to let them know when they should complete the course.

Students will still have the option of completing their courses early or completing more than one math class per semester based on their own pace.

“It’s a big bonus for student-athletes with a travel heavy schedule,” said Rivers. “They can finish their schedules early. It is also helpful for students wanting to get it out of the way to work on other courses. It’s been done, but I think we will have more take advantage.”

The Math Zone department is working very closely with the Center for Learning Resources, the First-Year Success Center and the Academic Success Center to make sure students are on track to complete their course.

Rivers previously taught in NYC public schools in general and special education for mathematics. She also has experience with educational leadership.

“I was ready to move into a world that blended leadership and actual teaching,” said Rivers.

As the new director of Math Zone, Rivers will be overseeing curriculum, coordinating communication efforts and developing a student-centered environment for the teaching and learning of developmental mathematics.

“I want them [the students] to understand we are here to help them and create a collaborative environment,” said Rivers.