Sodexo delivers big changes

The Charger Bulletin

By Shani Robinson
Marketing Intern for Sodexo
[email protected]

Any student returning to the University of New Haven this fall has probably noticed some big changes with campus food this semester.

The Market Place’s new salad bar  (Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin photo)
The Market Place’s new salad bar
(Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin photo)

Sodexo has brought some drastic changes to the way students eat and what they can eat, featuring new stations and even the launching Food On Demand, a kiosk driven eatery that will change the way students can customize their own meal on campus.

Charger Sauté Station: The Charger sauté station is vegan and vegetarian driven, but offers made-to-order meals based on various preferences. Many of the choices are vegan based. It ensures that you can always have it your way.

Tex-Mex Station: If you’re looking to make your taste buds come alive, grab a burrito at this station. Tex-Mex, located in the circle of the marketplace features various Mexican and Texas inspired fillings and toppings, letting the student control the meal from start to finish. The different rotations of salsa and Pico de Gallo will have you coming back for more.

Café Spice: Café Spice, like the Charger Sauté Station, has been around since the last academic year, but is expanding more with the influence of India incorporated into every dish. Mango Lassi’s and Samosa’s loaded with potato or vegetables are the guilty pleasures served every week with different meat, seafood or even tofu mixed with an array of curry and tomato based sauces.

Vegan Desserts: Sodexo continues to bring food to students with specific dietary restrictions. The Charger Sauté station offers a vegan dessert and even different flavors of vegan ice cream at request.

Soft Serve Ice Cream: We do scream for ice cream! Soft serve ice cream cones are now available at the dessert station! Simply just dispense from the machine and add your choice of assorted toppings!

The new Salad Bar: The Marketplace received a little bit of a face-lift over the summer and the addition of an expanded, self-serve salad bar was a part of the result. The new salad bar offers four different arrays of greens to start, and as you make your way to the end you can fill up with the additions of your choice. Pasta salads and proteins line the salad bar if you want to try something less traditional as well! The salad bar is available from 11 a.m. until the end of dinner to accommodate students.

The New Deli: Paninis, Naan Sandwichs and clam strip rolls are some of the new specials in rotation at the deli! The made-to-order station has more options and combinations than ever to appease even the most stubborn and picky eaters! The deli is also open from 11 a.m. until the end of dinner to grab a meal with your hectic schedule.

Food on Demand: Sodexo’s new dining location named Food On Demand will be opening in October at Westside Hall. Food on Demand will be a service that allows you to customize your meal. The idea behind it is to simply swipe your card, take a pager, order from an automatic kiosk, take your receipt and then wait for your meal to be made to your order and liking.