Students Revive UNH Hockey Team

Zack Rosen

WEST HAVEN–Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the University of New Haven had a Division III hockey team. Unfortunately this quickly dispersed and as the university started to rapidly grow, the hockey team was quickly forgotten by most. But not all.

Over the summer, freshman Jeff Cafarchio (right wing) contacted the Office of Student Activities to reinstate the UNH hockey team. Quickly after this spread across campus, sophomore Alex Wesolowski (right wing), junior Mike Kaplan (goalie), and junior Chris Rinck (defense) hopped on board. They quickly established the team, which is now recognized in Division II ACHA.
While 60 students appeared for the team’s initial tryouts, a note to be made of the interest and activity level of this year’s freshmen class, the UNH hockey team has a membership of around 20-something that founder Jeff Cafarchio says is beyond “overwhelming.”
Hockey 2.jpg
While they were defeated in their first and second games this year, morale is still high. The first game was Sept. 27 against UMASS Amherst, one of the leading hockey teams in the area. The sentiment surrounding Jeff, Mike, Chris, and Alex was clear: the campus “doesn’t know how good we are yet.”

Support for the team was clear, however, which was obvious by the amount of UNH students that made the trek to the rink to support the team.

Freshman center Nick Rodriques, on behalf of the entire team, “would like to thank the fans for their outstanding support in the home opener versus UMASS. We hope the support lasts all season.”

The next home match for the team will be on Sunday, Oct. 19 versus Boston University. Home games are at the Northford Ice Pavilion, and morale around the team is hopeful for the rest of the season.

Captain Chris Rinck is “real proud of the team,” and knows that they will “keep up the great work.” He knows the secret isn’t in winning the first game or two, but in staying strong and “taking it one week at a time.”

Go out and support UNH’s hockey team Sunday, Oct. 19. You’ll see not only a hockey game, but a school spirit within the UNH hockey team that is fresh and baffling to see.