Second Class Seniors

Stephen Acevedo

SENIORS DESERVE SENORITY! SENIORS DESERVE SENIORITY! This is my take on the whole rooming situation for next school semester. For those unaware, allow me to explain my loud introduction.

Over this past winter break the University of New Haven sent out letters to all UNH students stating that as of the fall 2010 semester, seniors will no longer be guaranteed housing on campus.

For many, this came to a shock, but for others, it does not seem too big a deal. But this university decision is not one that can simply be ignored. Before continuing on any further I would simply like to state that this new policy does not directly affect me; sadly I will be graduating this semester. As for the rest of the seniors on campus, you have every right to be angry. Depriving the chances of seniors in receiving on campus housing is a low blow.

I have heard much debate on this issue and analyzed both sides of the story. I can even go as far to say that I understand the school’s reason for its decision and that in truth, they have a strong point. I absolutely agree with the university on the idea that freshmen and sophomores should automatically receive on campus housing. The truth is, freshmen and sophomores both need nurturing, and we all did when we were college newborns.

The problem for me is not the making of space for new incoming students, but rather when seniors have to suffer for the university’s actions. This new problem facing the university is not a battle between freshmen and seniors, as a matter of fact, no student is to blame. The fault lies solely on the university and their steps in handling a growing campus.

I understand that colleges are businesses as well and I am aware that sometimes changes need to be made and that there is not always an easy transition; but planning and organizing is one of the key factors for change, and this is where the university failed. With growing popularity it is not surprising to see the school over enrolling, but if you are going to bring in more students make sure to have the space to maintain such an increase; I wouldn’t buy 50 fishes and only buy a 1 gallon fish tank to put them in.

I’ve heard the excuses, “Oh, well… once you’re a senior it’s that time for independence…blah blah blah.” At the end of it all, seniors are suffering for the schools lack of planning and dare I say, GREED.

The school as a business should know that you always take care of your dedicated and experienced workers; no one put more time and sweat into this school than our seniors. Seniors deserve the right to stay on campus; we should not be treated as second class, no matter what the reason.

I am currently a senior, and I must say it is great living in Soundview. As a freshman who started out in a suite of 16 boys and living in a tripled room in the basement of Bethel, it sure feels great finally moving on up to the newest dorm on campus. I mean isn’t that the one of the perks to being a senior? The idea that after putting in your time you finally get to pick the dorm you’ve always wanted? Well that’s how I always thought about it; and as a freshman, I couldn’t wait to be a senior for that reason.

As for all other students that think they are safe, soon you guys will be seniors as well and will be in the same shoes. As for the school, please do not say that there is no more room, if so, make room. The way I see it, seniors are like janitors working in the building for many years, and now that there is a new spill, here’s the mop, you clean up the mess.