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Senior Women’s Lacrosse

Senior Women's Lacrosse

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

May 5, 2020

This week’s Senior Day will focus on the women’s lacrosse team. This group of seniors leaves behind an impressive resume. They had an overall record of 41-18, amassed 553 saves, 226 goals, 132 assists, and 358 points. This group of eight seniors accomplished a lot during their time at New Haven and...

Senior Day: Baseball

Senior Day: Baseball

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

April 21, 2020

This week’s Senior Day will focus on the baseball team. This group of seniors was one of the most successful classes to come through the University of New Haven. In their freshman year, they won the conference tournament, and then followed it up their sophomore year by being ranked as high as #7 in...

Seniors Pushed to Live Off Campus

Gerber Hall, tentatively,  a new home to New Haven first responders.

Beth Beaudry, Contributing Writer

September 10, 2019

For the class of 2021 and under, housing at the University of New Haven was not a concern. The upperclassmen  were not as fortunate. In 2017, the University accepted more students than ever before and guaranteed incoming students four years of housing. Due to the lack of housing, incoming students were placed  in sophomor...

Senior Challenge Seeks to Build Connections Post-Graduation

Senior Challenge Seeks to Build Connections Post-Graduation

Victoria Cagley, Staff Writer

March 7, 2019

The Senior Challenge, a semester-long competition for graduating seniors, is kicking off its fourth year. These competitions include weekly tasks that seniors are encouraged to take part in, which enter them into a grand prize drawing at the end of the semester. The Associate Director of Alumni Relations an...

Seniors Experience Registration Issues

Seniors Experience Registration Issues

Everett Bishop, Student Life Editor

November 14, 2018

On Monday, Nov. 5, seniors of the University of New Haven woke up bright and early in anticipation for class registration. With schedules prepared and eyes glued to their computer screens, these students waited for the clock to strike 7 a.m. before frantically punching in registration codes for their...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

April 20, 2016

That’s right – less than a month of classes left… this is NOT a drill. At this point, you probably only meet three more times with your professors! That being said, I just had to ask you guys how you were feeling about this. Pumped, or nauseous? Apparently, we’re a little confused – maybe a...

Senior 16 Challenge

Samantha Higgins

February 17, 2016

The University Of New Haven Office Of Alumni Relations has announced The Senior 16 Challenge for the graduating class of May 2016, undergraduate and graduate alike. The challenge consists of 16 weeks of 16 individual challenges that earn the participant an entry. This gives students a greater chance...

5 Ways to Cope With Your New Title

Elissa Sanci

August 26, 2015

So, it’s happened, despite how hard I’ve tried to keep it at bay. Regardless of all my futile attempts, time continued to pass and now I, unfortunately, am entering my final year of college. It’s a strange feeling, to say the least: fear of the future mingled with the need to get out, and get out...

A Note to the Graduating Class of 2016

Samantha Higgins

August 26, 2015

If you are a senior and anything like me, then you probably spent your summer not only working constantly to ensure you had enough money in the bank for the year, but also endlessly worrying about what you are going to do after graduation. It’s a question we have been asked thousands of times since...

Four High School Entrepreneurs Win Four-Year Scholarships to University of New Haven as Part of National Business Competition

The Charger Bulletin

April 10, 2013

By UNH Today WEST HAVEN, CONN. --- Four entrepreneurial high school seniors are the top winners in the University of New Haven’s College of Business Scholarship Challenge competition. The four students, who will enter UNH in the fall, are part of a nationwide competition that required them to...

Time to Take the WPE

Samantha Mathewson

February 14, 2013

It’s WPE time for some undergraduate juniors who have already earned 57 credits or more, and seniors who need to take it before they graduate this spring. The WPE is a writing proficiency exam; just like in high school where you took the SAT which tested your math, English and writing skills, the...

Advice for all Undergraduates

Joann Wolwowicz

September 7, 2011

The fall semester has officially begun, and I know most of us are excited to be back. Summer can be absolutely fantastic, but after a while, we all start to miss the people we meet here at school. Sure we don’t miss the classes or the work, and I’m sure more than once you wish you could just live...

Seniors, Consider This: AmeriCorps VISTA

Kait Richmond

September 22, 2010

Choosing what to do after college can be a daunting task. Whether it’s applying for entry-level jobs with less-than-stellar pay or racking up your debt in graduate school, the options for recent college grads seem to be nothing more than ways to thin out wallets. Fortunately, there are other options,...

Second Class Seniors

Stephen Acevedo

February 3, 2010

SENIORS DESERVE SENORITY! SENIORS DESERVE SENIORITY! This is my take on the whole rooming situation for next school semester. For those unaware, allow me to explain my loud introduction. Over this past winter break the University of New Haven sent out letters to all UNH students stating that as of...

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