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I Dont Have to Go Home, but Can I Stay Here?

I Don’t Have to Go Home, but Can I Stay Here?

Glenn Rohrbacker, Editor in Chief May 1, 2018

In October of 2014, I called my mom, on the verge of tears, and told her I wanted to come home. I went in the stairwell of the third floor of Bixler Hall so my roommates and entire hallway didn’t have...

#JUSTICEFORJAZZY: Words for Bystanders

#JUSTICEFORJAZZY: Words for Bystanders

Iyana Jones, Contributing Writer November 22, 2017

Imagine this scenario: You move into your dorm your freshman year of college. You are full of life, excited to make new friends, and ready to start your college experience. Then, you find out your roommate...

Thank You, Theater Program

Thank You, Theater Program

Angela Tricarico, Staff Writer November 22, 2017

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love theater. In any given situation requiring a fun fact, mine usually has to do with the amount of Broadway shows I’ve seen. I have a preference for musicals, but...

I wish I didn’t see the sign

Gabby Nowicki September 17, 2014

I am sure the fellow University of New Haven community has heard over and over about the latest editions to the school, including the three million dollar renovation to the run down freshmen dorm, Bethel...

Compromise on the smoking ban

Gabby Nowicki April 30, 2014

Smoking is disgusting. I think it is one of the biggest turn offs and nothing good comes from it. This is just an opinion. Thousands of people still smoke whether they are aware of the harmful effects...

A Letter to UNH, who is proposing a tobacco ban

The Charger Bulletin April 30, 2014

By John Kelly, Contributing Writer Dear UNH, Wednesday morning, I woke up and began my normal morning routine. I climbed out of bed, dawned my bathrobe, made myself a cup of coffee and packed a lip....

Better school security needed in light of recent tragedy

Kaitlin Mahar April 30, 2014

The people in our country have many things that they believe should take precedence in the American legal system, whether it’s allowing gay couples to legally marry, providing healthcare to all U.S....

Breasts: understanding a national taboo

Liana Teixeira April 30, 2014

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of breasts? A woman wearing a bikini on the beach? A porno clip? Maybe you picture a nude scene from a show like Game of Thrones. I bet...

Hot Legs or a Hot Mess?

Liana Teixeira September 11, 2013

They’re long, tan and gleaming in the sunlight—two practically perfect, cylindrical objects posed at a slanted angle. One may look in the background and spot a tropical paradise or a swimming pool....

Life Without a Plan(ner)

Samantha Mathewson September 11, 2013

Plan. Execute. Succeed. Three words my uncle told me after I graduated from high school. I thought about these words the other day, and I realized while how simple, yet exact they really are. Right...

In Time

Samantha Mathewson September 4, 2013

Well it’s that time of year again where all of us arrive back on campus and the new comers embark on their first, and maybe most exciting or scariest, adventure to date. One thing we all have in common,...

Graduation is Coming

Elizabeth Field May 8, 2013

It’s May already? I’m graduating in two weeks? How did time pass by so fast, especially in these last few months? For some of you, these next few weeks mark the end of your college experience and for...

Until Next Time

Liana Teixeira May 8, 2013

Well, here it is…the last issue of the Charger Bulletin for the year. It’s an odd feeling to tell you the truth. No more editing, no more article lists, not spending my Sunday afternoons cooped up...

Challenge Accepted

Samantha Mathewson May 8, 2013

College is the time in your life when you finally get to make decisions for yourself, and one of the those decisions is what you plan on studying to later get a career in the field of your choice. When...

Email Etiquette

Matt DiGiovanni October 13, 2010

As the editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin, I receive a lot of emails every day, some from students, some from potential advertisers, and then a whole mess of press releases. I don’t mind the quantity...

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