Oy With the Poodles Already

Samantha Higgins

Gilmore Girls fans wishes are finally coming true.

On October 19, Netflix announced plans to release four 90-minute mini movies featuring super-caffeinated mother daughter team.

Netflix plans to release four new episodes of Gilmore Girls (The WB photo)
Netflix plans to release four new episodes of Gilmore Girls (The WB photo)

Gilmore Girls had seven season that ran from 2000 to 2007. It followed Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory as they experienced life in small town Stars Hollow. You are quickly absorbed into their fast-paced way of talking and running around town, Rory’s life at local private school Chilton and her college decision making between Harvard and Yale. You cheer Lorelai on as she accomplishes her dreams of owning her own inn with her best friend Sookie (Melissa Mc Carthy). Following them through their heartbreak, triumphs, and laughs left all the fans wanting more when the season ended with Rory’s college graduation and seeing her off into the “real world” of being an adult.

Now that news has broken that there will be more episodes to come fans are all over the internet speculating about what they want in the upcoming episodes. What relationships they want to see and where they want to see Lorelai and Rory in their lives. There is an ongoing debate on which boyfriend Rory should be with, if she is with anyone from the original series, personally I’m Team Logan but he’s not too popular with anyone else so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Writer Amy Sherman Palladino left the series before the final season and has said that it didn’t end the way she always wanted, that she has always had “the final four words” since episode one. Palladino is on board to write these four episodes so hopefully we find out not only what these four words are but who she intended to say them!

One of the most noticeable hurdles that will need to be overcome with the return of Gilmore Girls is the passing of Edward Herrman, who played Lorelai’s father Richard Gilmore. Other hurdles will be the time that has passed since it last aired, 8 years is a long time so it will take some work to make the Gilmores relevant to society today. So many of us were raised with the Gilmores as inspiration for young women that they could accomplish things as individuals, getting that message across now might be a bit more difficult.

Last we saw Rory was leaving to work on President Obama’s campaign. We know how much has changed in our world since that happened, but now it’s time to grab some coffee ( a lot of coffee), some candy, some pizza, pretty much any unhealthy food you can find, and wait for Netflix to make all of our Gilmore dreams come true.