LASA celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Tiara Starks, Entertainment Editor

Hispanic Heritage Month officially began on Sept.15 to mark the independence days of Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Chile.

At the University of New Haven, a student organization on campus has made significant strides in highlighting the importance of Latinx contributions to society during Hispanic Heritage Month. The Latin American Student Association (LASA) is one of the most popular multicultural organizations on campus dedicated to educating members of the Charger community about Latin American cultures and contributions through professional, educational, and social programming.

One of their biggest events to date has been their annual Kickoff Barbecue, which is a chance for students from all ethnic backgrounds to share in the traditions of Latin American culture, the club is open to all students and with the goal of encouraging them to learn about cultures outside of their own.

Some events they’ve had in the past few months have included “What is the “Ni Una Menos” Movement? “Not One Less,” a Conversation on Colorism & Racism in Latinx Community, and Como La Flor, a discussion on Latinx women and their inventions.

Even though COVID-19 has impacted in-person programming, LASA continues to hold virtual events bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

“It’s been so difficult with COVID, as we usually have a yearly tradition of exciting events to do in person during Hispanic Heritage Month, but we’re trying the best we can to get students to stay interested and active,” says LASA’s Executive Assistant and Sergeant-at-Arms, Erica Maggiore.

LASA’s mission statement is, “uniting all that is different.” “We love to teach everyone about our own countries’ cultures and current issues going on, while also encouraging you to share your own stories and traditions regardless of where you come from,” Maggiore said.

“We try to help those in our community by bringing everyone together and making them feel wanted and loved,” said Maggiore, “Especially freshmen where this is entirely a new experience for them, and on top of that, being even more secluded due to COVID conditions.”

You can follow LASA on Instagram @lasa_unh and to inquire about more information, please email [email protected]