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Jon & Kate Plus 8…Minus Jon

Michael Kelly

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The twisting tale of the Gosselin’s never seems to end. The local television network, TLC, is suing Jon Gosselin from the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8. The lawsuit was officially filed on Friday, Oct. 23. “He is the Father of the Year (just kidding),” quoted the Miami Herald when discussing the issue. Jon has not met the obligations of his contract for being an exclusive employee and has been on other programs for pay, making unauthorized disclosures about the show and his family.

The TLC Network did not mention the other various affairs with bartenders, nannies, and some college students that have plagued the Gosselin name since earlier this year. His estranged ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, has been taking care of their eight children (twin girls and sextuplets) ever since the divorce.

According to the complaint, Gosselin had signed a new deal in 2008 for Jon & Kate Plus 8, that would make him provide his services during taping, both with his family and without, and would only allow him to speak of the program through accepted advertisements. In the deal, he promised that he would not do anything inappropriate, and would embrace “social conventions of public morals or decency.” The plaintiff said in the statement that Jon Gosselin had various breaches of this contract, including photographs, stories, and various intoxicated moments.

Since the breach, Jon has begun to sell his services to other media outlets, including a possible appearance on Entertainment Tonight.

Stay tuned, as Gosselin will release his own press statement about the show later this week.

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Jon & Kate Plus 8…Minus Jon