Focusing on the Family, Marrying Gays, Interracially Dating, and Oh So Much More…But Not All At Once on TV

Zack Rosen

Okay, time to open up a can of controversial editorial sauce.

Zack Rosen, Editor-in-Chief

If I were any more liberal, I’d support whites marrying blacks and men sleeping with other men. God, just imagine that! Oh, wait. Those are all okay things…

One of the most controversial sociological and political issues in today’s world is that of abortion.

During the Superbowl, one of the ads that aired starred Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow. Promoting a pro-life stance, Tebow represented the evangelical organization Focus On The Family.

In the Superbowl ad Tebow’s mother, Pam Tebow, talks about how her son is a miracle baby after a difficult birth. Tim accompanies his mother at the end of the ad with a hug, and a printed message appears on the screen asking viewers to celebrate life.

A second variation of the ad includes Tim tackling his mom to the ground. Although cute, it pretty much just distracts from the serious message that FOTF attempts to spread.

The professional football player and his mother detract from the message that the deeply conservative organization wants to spread.

Although the actual advertisement certainly isnt terribly controversial, the general message is. Meanwhile, an ad proposed to CBS by gay dating service was denied simply because of romantic perceptions between two men.

No, the FOTF ad wasn’t that controversial, but neither was Mancrunch. Why was one allowed and one not? I guess only CBS knows for sure.

I fully respect opinions that differ from my own. If you think that pro-life is the way to go, then good for you. But it is wrong to advertise on national television for an extremely conservative organization and their beliefs, while refusing to advertise for a liberal dating website.

In my book, it’s all or nothing. It’s the same situation during the holidays. I love walking around downtown New Haven around Christmastime and seeing a Christmas tree with lights on it. But the minute you have a bunch of crazy people complaining about the existence of a Menorah, or a Muslim symbol, or a Hindu symbol, or anything that isn’t a Christian symbol, that is pure ignorance.

What really needs to happen, and what would really be nice, is if people kept to themselves. You would think we lived in a time where that would be possible; and we even say that we DO live in that time.

But we don’t. There are still some people, and by some I mean a large quantitiy, who are too ignorant for their own good. They think that Muslims will destroy America; they think that blacks marrying whites will start World War Three. And they think that if a man falls in love with another man, children everywhere will become infected with AIDS.

We may live in a free world, but we don’t live in as free a country as people like to think.