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Active lawsuit pushes against FDA access to abortion drugs

Active lawsuit pushes against FDA access to abortion drugs

Mia Adduci, Managing Editor March 7, 2023

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is at the forefront of a nationwide push for a reduction of abortion drugs nationwide. Currently, a lawsuit in Texas is acting against the practiced usage of...

The outside of the Supreme Court, Washington D.C.

Supreme Court heard oral arguments on abortion law and gun legislation: what you need to know

Samuel Weinmann, Politics Editor November 16, 2021

On Nov. 1, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments for major cases pertaining to both abortion and gun control. The Court heard arguments on Texas' bill S.B.8, a law restricting women's abortion...

A ban on women’s rights

Natalie Jones, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021

The right to choose is a right not explicitly written in the U.S. Constitution, but one that is important to a majority of women in the nation. A recent poll by NBC News shows that 59% of women believe...

Mexico: Supporting women’s health rights by decriminalizing abortion

Aria Werme, Contributing Writer September 14, 2021

On Sept. 7, Mexico decriminalized abortion through their supreme court, meaning the court can no longer prosecute abortion procedures. The decision protects biological females, especially those who...

Mexico Supreme Court rules that criminalizing abortion is “unconstitutional”

Mexico Supreme Court rules that criminalizing abortion is “unconstitutional”

Amanda M. Castro, Managing Editor September 8, 2021

The Mexican Supreme Court declared on Tuesday that criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional, establishing a precedent that might lead to the procedure’s legalization across the conservative Catholic...

Texas man threatened deadly force to stop abortion

Liz De La Torre April 6, 2010

From The Associated Press DALLAS – A Texas man faces charges after he filed documents in federal court threatening to use deadly force to stop an abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court didn't immediately...

Focusing on the Family, Marrying Gays, Interracially Dating, and Oh So Much More…But Not All At Once on TV

Zack Rosen February 9, 2010

Okay, time to open up a can of controversial editorial sauce. If I were any more liberal, I’d support whites marrying blacks and men sleeping with other men. God, just imagine that! Oh, wait....

Some fear Kan. ruling may spur abortion violence

Liz De La Torre January 11, 2010

From The Associated Press WICHITA, Kan. – Before the first juror is selected or witness called, a decision allowing a confessed killer to argue he believes the slaying of one of the nation's few late-term...

House votes strict ban on abortion subsidies

Liz De La Torre November 8, 2009

From The Associated Press WASHINGTON – A bipartisan House coalition voted Saturday to prohibit coverage of abortions in a new government-run health care plan that Democrats would establish to compete...

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