Big Changes for the Seventh Season: Bones Gets Even Better

Ashley Johnson

For six seasons, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and her partner Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) have been solving murder cases through their predictably brilliant and unlikely insights into forensic anthropology and FBI field work. Season seven of the Fox TV drama Bones, which premiered on Thursday November 4, at 9:00 p.m., was no different.

The real story of the show isn’t so much Brennan and Booth investigating an unnatural death and arresting the persons responsible, but the complex and evolving relationships between the characters, especially Booth and Brennan, and what they have with each other. In this season, we are going to see a more complex storyline. Bones will continue to deliver the same captivating show it always has, but with more twists, turns, surprises and amazing cases.

The season opens several months after the last season’s finale left off. Brennan is now very pregnant with her and Booth’s baby. It immediately becomes obvious that the long “non-relationship” between the two is going through some significant changes. Additionally, a new intern with a heavy accent and a curious past enters into the story to replace the lost Vincent Nigel-Murray. While the show had struggled in the past to really find a strong replacement for Zack Addy many seasons ago, this new character makes a convincing case for the position. The question most fans of the show want answered is if we will know more about the intern or will he be shrouded in mystery.

Overall, those who have grown to love Bones will find that it continues to entertain and amuse, however viewers catching the show for the first time may find themselves a little lost at this point. The show simply has too much history behind its various plot lines to allow a new viewer to jump in without any confusion.

While Bones is a TV show that deals with gruesome murder stories and every episode often shows dead, decomposing bodies regularly throughout the hour, watchers are not overwhelmed by the death but rather take the cases as a furtherance of the characters lives and relations with each other.

It is in this excited fan’s opinion that we will see a lot of changes that most of us have wanted for some time. The show will be taking the older seasons and integrating them throughout the seventh season and showing the growth of the two main characters as well as the minor characters. Watch and you will see more emotion, growth, and change than ever before; so be ready to be amazed!

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