Writer’s Choice Playlist

Emily McDonough , Staff Writer

Looking for new songs to add to your playlist? Check out these songs by some of the top trending female artists available on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

“Swan Song” – Saweetie & NIKI
This song is from the soundtrack of the recent Marvel film release “Shang-Chi”. With a powerful and upbeat dance-pop feel, “Swan Song” feels like the perfect song to empower the ‘next generation’ and inspire change. If you have seen the film, this song can be heard in one of the end credit scenes where they lead, Xialing, is revamping her father’s empire to be more inclusive.

“Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” – Taylor Swift
Because the original song trended on TikTok, Swift released “Wildest Dreams” from her rerecording of 1989. This revival of “Wildest Dreams” is beautiful and the sound overall shows off how Taylor’s music has matured while keeping the original dream of her music alive.

“Dorothea” – Taylor Swift
From the fall vibes of Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore” comes “Dorothea,” a sweet love letter about how you will always be there for a friend and that do anything for them. “Dorothea” showcases Swift’s ability to change over to pop-folk.

“Supercut” – Lorde
“Supercut” is one of Lorde’s perfect nostalgia songs from her “Melodrama” album. It makes you think of running around with friends and forgetting your responsibilities for a while. This is something Lorde does perfectly over and over again.

“Demons” – Hayley Kiyoko
If you heard this song trending over the summer, it was probably because of ‘Loki.’ “Demons” is a glitchy, spooky, synth-pop song that is different from Kiyoko’s other uplifting pop songs. In this song, we get a look at Kiyoko’s inner thoughts and how she’s battling them.

“Working for the Knife” – Mitski
After a two-year and twenty-six-day break, Mitski has finally released a new single. Mitski said that “Working for the Knife” is, “about going from being a kid with a dream to a grown-up with a job, and feeling that somewhere along the way you got left behind.” This feels like a huge comeback for Mitski, especially since so many fans have been waiting for new music.

“Love Again” – Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa expanded “Future Nostalgia” over the summer and made “Love Again” a single. “Love Again” is an upbeat heartbreak song but gives hope that someone can love again.