Writer’s Choice Playlist

Christopher Colquhoun, Associate Editor for Graphic Design

I took my time with this playlist to ensure you would enjoy it. I chose these songs because these are some of my escapes from the real world that help me relax. It is a playlist that I believe brings a little bit of inspiration to some people’s lives and a little bit of a shoulder for you to lean on as some songs may relate to others.

Zanzibar by Kamaliza

Kamaliza is an Australian artist, bringing a very upbeat song to our lives. Zanzibar is about taking steps to better yourself/situation, even if that means leaving good people behind.

Put Your Records On by Ritt Monmey

Originally a song done by Corinne Bailey Rae, it was remixed to have a more lively feeling. The song is about living life in the best way possible because if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?

I’ve Got My Life To Live by Carter Ace

Carter Ace is a small-time artist, but has nice sense and grasp to music. His song talks about how, no matter the setback, you still have to keep moving forward.

Face To Face by Ruel

The song represents a relationship through social media in hopes that they would soon then meet face-to-face. If you can see that special someone, then go for it!

Roll Some Mo by Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye with his first song on his first E.P, “I”, blows people away. The song lets you know that no matter how high the dreams, you should go pursue and enjoy them.

Good Life by Kanye West

A well-known artist with a song that just makes you feel lively. “A Good Life” leads you into West’s celebrity living despite what others might say about him.

Best Friend by Rex Orange County

The song talks about a love for a girl where even though they can’t be together at that moment, the guy still wants to be there as her favorite boy/best friend.

Broke by Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw sounds like he talks from personal experience in this song. The song goes through the life of a man and how everything going down around him caused his significant other to leave. He asks, if he wasn’t broke, would she still care and do all the things they said?

See You Again by Tyler the Creator (feat. Kali Uchis)

Tyler seems to be talking to his ideal significant other in this song: a person that he has only seen in his sleep or while he daydreams.

Tribe by Bas (feat. J. Cole)

This song was a kind of humbling piece to Bas, to take a look at what you have and don’t forget where you come from.