Weekly roundup

Ben Atwater

With the super bowl came a new slew of movie trailers. A new feature for Jurassic World debuted, with a lot of the same footage from the first trailer. Yet new scenes included Chris Pratt’s character training raptors, as well as an air attack by pterodactyls upon park visitors. This trailer further cements Jurassic World as one of the most anticipated movies of 2015. Jurassic World is set to come out June 12, 2015.

Chris Pratt stars in Jurassic World (AP photo)
Chris Pratt stars in Jurassic World (AP photo)

The upcoming Disney film Tomorrowland also got a new TV spot. Based upon the theme park in Disneyworld, ala Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomorrowland stars George Clooney as the maker of an alternate universe, where wondrous scientific inventions soar above a futuristic city. Not much is known about the film beyond the basis, and the shroud of mystery around Tomorrowland makes this film all the more intriguing.

Finally, while not released for the Super bowl but worth mentioning nonetheless, the first Fantastic Four trailer came out last week. After the previous two films based upon the Fantastic Four did not perform well critically or financially, many have been doubtful of this new project. Yet this trailer put many fears to rest. It seems to be that the characters gain their powers in an experiment gone wrong while trying to go to an alternate dimension. Giving off vibes of both Stargate and Interstellar, Fantastic Four certainly has put out a great first trailer.