Walk the Moon Concert Review


Amanda Arango

Walk The Moon performing at College Street Music Hall

Amanda Arango, Contributing Writer

On Feb. 2, 2019, Walk the Moon performed at the College Street Music Hall in New Haven. Bear Hands, an American post-punk and indie rock band, opened the concert. All the bands are from the New Haven area.

Since it dropped in 2014, Walk the Moon’s hit song “Shut Up and Dance,”  went three times platinum and the band has made great strides in the industry. Directly after the hit song, the band went through a tough time with family tragedy and tension among members which they addressed in 2017’s album “What is Nothing.” They just released a single called “Timebomb,” which Rolling Stone says “is full of jagged synths and choppy guitars with a huge eighties throwback chorus in the vein of Jack Antonoff – a return to the full–on dance sound of their massive hit.”

Walk the Moon does not disappoint. They still can make everyone in the room dance, as they play through their hit songs. This band has a way of creating energy found in no other concert experience. From the moment they walk on the stage, you are entranced. The best way to describe the concert in one word is “euphoric.”  Walk the Moon was attentive to the crowd and moved about the stage dancing as they played. They had the audience jumping and singing along to hit songs like “Anna Sun,” “Shut Up and Dance,” “Portugal,” and “One Foot.”

Amanda Arango
Walk The Moon keeps the crowd energized throughout the set.

After speaking to fans who attended the concert many put this concert as their top five concerts they have ever been to.

Walk the Moon will finish their tour in Knoxville, Tenn., on Feb. 17, 8 and will begin opening up for the Muse on Feb. 22.