Think Like A Man

Michelle R Morra

These days there are new movies every weekm and last weekend was no different.  Think Like A Man, along with a few other movies, hit the theaters last weekend hoping to be the top movie, and this movie could just be one of those hits.

This movie is a comedy that follows four couples that start a war of their own against each other.  Four women are having trouble getting their men to do what they want. Mya, played by Meagan Good, Candace, played by Regina Hall, Lauren, played by Taraji P. Henson, and Kristen, played by Gabrielle Union, are all having relationship problems because, like most women today, they can’t get their men to listen to them.  Mya, Candace, Lauren, and Kristen are all ready to give up until they find a “how to” book written by Steve Harvey.  The girls start using the advice about relationships towards their own relationships.  And it even starts to wor; their men start to fall into line. But good things only last so long.

Natually the men begin wondering what’s going on.  And soon Dominic, played by Michael Ealy, Jeremy, played by Jerry Ferrara, Zeke, played by Romany Malco, and Michael, played by Terrence Jenkins, start to figure out what the women have been doing, and they decide to fight back. The war is on.

This is a great, funny movie, especially for couples, for people to see because there is no way they are going to walk out of there without laughing.  Back and forth between men and women trying to get each other to do what each gender wants the other to do and fooling each other.  It is definitely a great date night movie.