The Green Hornet

Samantha Shinn

Guns, explosions, and impressive martial art fighting scenes all combine to make the Green Hornet watchable in the new 2011 adaptation of

In this film publicity image released by Columbia Pictures, Seth Rogen, left, and Jay Chou are shown in a scene from "The Green Hornet." (AP Photo/Columbia Pictures-Sony, Jaimie Trueblood)

the popular 1930’s children’s radio/TV show.

The Green Hornet was directed by Michel Gondry and produced by Columbia Pictures. Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, and Cameron Diaz star in this mediocre film that was released January 14, 2011 and has earned the rating of PG-13. Overgrown child, Britt Reid, must transform his partying ways as he takes over his father’s newspaper and uses it to promote the new vigilante in Los Angeles: the Green Hornet. Rogen stars as Britt Reid and his alter ego, the Green Hornet. Chou stars as the brains and the only enjoyable part of the movie, Kato, and Cameron Diaz’s role is a secretary who studied criminology and unwittingly tells the Green Hornet what move to make next.

After Britt’s father dies, he becomes obsessed with his alter ego. With the help of his father’s car technician, Kato, and his new secretary, Lenore, he attacks the crime world with minimal humor and many bumbling, idiotic mistakes.

An interesting scene in the movie that became a revelation for Britt was when he woke up, hungover, and he didn’t have his coffee. Kato, who made his coffee, was rehired and began to show Britt what he was working on. Britt was amazed at Kato’s talent of technical creation and after a fateful night of catching a mugger and beating up his posse, they transform into the Green Hornet and sidekick.

In my opinion, this movie was awful. Britt Reid whined and was more moody than that of a pubescent girl and was never really sober enough to do anything right, which put together with the end fight scene that lasted ten minutes too long made the entire movie barely watchable. I would only recommend the Green Hornet to someone who only wants to see fight scenes and get a cheap laugh or two.