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YEEZYs Disappoint on the Market

YEEZY Boost 700

Anna Downs, Entertainment Editor

November 9, 2018

Earlier in the year, Kanye West  announced that Adidas would mass produce his YEEZY Adidas sneakers so they’re available as “a shoe for the people.” West wanted to implement this mass production due to previous limited quantity releases that sold out within minutes, and skyrocketed resale...

Tweeting with the 280 Character Limit

Tweeting with the 280 Character Limit

Meghan Mahar, Arts & Entertainment Editor

October 3, 2017

I am one of the few privileged Twitter users that received the 280 character expansion, doubling the amount of space I have to compose a tweet. Ironically, I was criticizing this rollout to a friend right before I discovered I had it. Upon discovering this change, I grossly abused my power by compo...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

April 13, 2016

Recently, I decided to give Fuller House a chance. It was exactly what I expected. Cheesy and uncomfortable. It kind of reminded me of what Disney Channel has become, which is not a good thing. I will say, I chuckled at some parts and got a little interested, but sometimes, it’s just better not to...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

March 30, 2016

As of recently, I’ve been on a Hulu kick. All due to the fact that Netflix (rudely) removed Desperate Housewives while I was in the middle of season five. It was a very emotional time for me - I don’t like to speak of it. Out of curiosity, I took it to Charger Poll to find out what you guys prefer:...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

March 9, 2016

In light of midterms coming up, every college student knows that they would rather turn to their favorite Netflix show, than study for their Bio exam. I took it to @ChargerPoll to find out what your Netflix weakness is! Four choices were given: One Tree Hill, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, and The ...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

March 2, 2016

I’m sure everyone remembers the famous dress debate from exactly one year ago! Was it blue and black, or was it white and gold? I took it to @ChargerPoll to find out what you guys think…Turns out, we still have no idea! Be sure to vote weekly @ChargerPoll on Twitter. ...


Alessia Bicknese

February 24, 2016

As you may have recently heard, a student here at UNH has assembled a petition against Sodexo on campus. I took it to  @ChargerPoll on Twitter to see what you guys thought! Almost half of the participants are completely against Sodexo’s services, while another half don’t care because they’re hungry!...

Five Websites Every College Student Should Know About

Kaitlin Mahar

February 10, 2016

1. Taking an elective or a core that’s outside your area of expertise and have no idea who to take it with? Then let me introduce you to the best friend a college student could ever ask for: Rate My Professor. 2. Did you know there are other websites out there to b...

#Fur or Food: Twitter’s biggest fool of the week

Courtney Brooks

February 25, 2015

Every time you scroll through a twitter feed, you are basically setting yourself up for disappointment. There isn’t a chance that you won’t see a tweet that you feel is annoying, ignorant or just plain stupid; take this past week’s Amber Rose and the “Kartrashians” twitter war, for example....

Letter to the Editor

The Charger Bulletin

October 24, 2012

By Stephen Spignesi Charger Bulletin's Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Field's editorial about severing ties with her Twitter account was funny and insightful and touched on something I've been concerned about for quite some time: the fact that people read books for pleasure and enlightenment much less fre...

Twitter and I are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Elizabeth Field

October 17, 2012

I, like nearly all of my peers, have a Twitter account. I don’t use it though. But believe me, I try! It’s not that I can’t understand the technology or interface. I just don’t understand the point. I originally created a Twitter account with the purpose to use it as I would any other...

Twitter’s Plans to CENSOR

Veronica Maciel

February 8, 2012

Twitter recently decided that it will be implementing a new policy in which tweets will be censored according to country laws. When this news was delivered, tweeters all over the world rose up in outrage. Activists and nonconformists alike tweeted against the new Twitter laws. An Egyptian activist b...

Rupert Murdoch Attacks White House, Google

Sara J Dufort

January 25, 2012

While many entities, including Google and the White House, have vocally opposed the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), media mogul Rupert Murdoch has taken to Twitter to attack those who are in opposition. While both sides of the debate have equally appealing arguments, Rupert Murdoch believes that the ac...

Be Conscious of Your Postings

Joann Wolwowicz

September 28, 2011

Social media is an enormous part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ have become integrated into students’ lives. People sign onto their computers, and the first thing they do is check Facebook or post a tweet as to where on campus they are currently sitting. Facebook is a place to post ...

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