Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

As of recently, I’ve been on a Hulu kick. All due to the fact that Netflix (rudely) removed Desperate Housewives while I was in the middle of season five. It was a very emotional time for me – I don’t like to speak of it. Out of curiosity, I took it to Charger Poll to find out what you guys prefer: Hulu or Netflix? The majority says Netflix, but maybe that’s cause it’s more popular and convenient. Not many people know that Hulu releases episodes of your favorite shows the day after they air on TV! How do you like Hulu now? Also, Hulu isn’t rude like Netflix, and doesn’t ask you if you’re still watching every 10 minutes. Remember to vote next time @ChargerPoll on Twitter and see the results featured in The Charger Bulletin!charger poll