#Fur or Food: Twitter’s biggest fool of the week

Courtney Brooks

Every time you scroll through a twitter feed, you are basically setting yourself up for disappointment. There isn’t a chance that you won’t see a tweet that you feel is annoying, ignorant or just plain stupid; take this past week’s Amber Rose and the “Kartrashians” twitter war, for example. As an active twitter user, I am aware that every time I am scrolling, there is the potential to be put in a bad mood from these tweets, as my faith in the human race slowly declines, and I willingly accept that risk.

courtney bw

However, as I was mindlessly scrolling through my feed the other day, I stumbled upon a tweet that made me angrier than most. Usually when I see a tweet I don’t agree with, I can laugh at this tweeter’s stupidity and then move on with my day, but this one tweet stuck with me and has had my blood boiling ever since. It read, “Just purchased my first real rabbit fur jacket… won’t be eating for the next 2 weeks bc im broke but #priorities.” For the sake of this tweeter’s dignity, I am going to do them a favor and leave this tweet anonymous.

Where do I even begin to decipher the absurdity of this person and their unbelievable tweet? I may be biased because I am the adoring mother of a beautiful baby bunny, but putting my own emotions aside, I still feel that NO ONE should be bragging about purchasing a REAL fur jacket of any kind!

Wearing real fur clothing for your own personal pleasure is nothing to be proud of. The number of animals that suffer from the cruel fur industry every year is unfathomable. The process of obtaining fur from animals, especially rabbits, is sickening.

First, they are captured from the wild and transported to a factory, where they are then hung from racks by their back legs. Most times, the workers don’t even have the decency to kill the animal before skinning it alive. As their fur is peeled from their skin layer by layer, the animal jerks and writhes its two remaining free limbs in a last attempt to survive. And for those rabbits that are so scared that they cry out in pain? Well, the workers deal with these loud ones in a simple way—by stomping on their heads and crushing it, and then continuing the skinning.

I hope this tweeter keeps this process in mind every time they throw on that jacket that they sacrificed two weeks of food to buy. Which brings me to the next issue—HASHTAG PRIORITIES! Are you kidding me? As if wearing real fur and supporting a gruesome industry isn’t bad enough, you are willing to forego meals to do so? Not only is this person lacking in morals, but they must also be completely brain dead if they think that an expensive fur jacket takes priority over food.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs and that not everyone feels so strongly about the issue of animal welfare as I do, but in my eyes, right is right and wrong is wrong. Choosing to wear fur and then bragging about it on social media and making a joke out of how it is more important than food is about as wrong as wrong can get. But then again, it is 2015 and many people are lacking morals—congratulations on proving yourself to be one of them.