Five Websites Every College Student Should Know About

Kaitlin Mahar

Taking an elective or a core that’s outside your area of expertise and have no idea who to take it with? Then let me introduce you to the best friend a college student could ever ask for: Rate My Professor.

Did you know there are other websites out there to buy and sell your books besides Chegg? I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Sure, it may not be the fanciest one out there in terms of looks, but college students couldn’t care less about looks, especially if there is a greater need that trumps it. (No? Look at that guy you hooked up with last weekend. I rest my case.) This website has probably saved me the most money on books out of every other one I’ve tried, and there have been many. Bonus: Looking to save a little extra cash? Get the International Edition. It’s all in English, and the page numbers are usually the same, it just has some extra stuff about the editors/publishers and comes in paperback. Oh, and it’s about half the price of a regular textbook.

Have a window that won’t shut? Wi-Fi went down during registration? Shuttle doesn’t show up? Tweet about it. You have no idea how many times I’ve witnessed friends and peers tweet about a problem they’re having, only to have their school get right on it and fix it. I once had a friend get a complete dorm room makeover during her winter break because of one little tweet. Never underestimate the power of Twitter.

Sure, everybody’s desperate for a job, but, in an ideal world, we want to know that the business that offered us a position isn’t going to treat us like crap, right? Well, in comes Glass Door, which is like Rate My Professor, but for jobs and internships. Employees and interns can write reviews of their places of employment on this website, which could definitely save you some grief in the long run.

Register to vote. Feel the Bern. Or even the Clinton. Just not the Trump.