Student Events Go Mobile With New App

Student Events Go Mobile With New App

Karina Krul, Student Life Editor

New this year, Campus Labs, the company used by the University for Charger Connection, has produced an app that allows students to take their events and itineraries with them. The app, Corq, provides students with a mobile-friendly form of Charger Connection, complete with lists of events, RSOs, and an interactive campus map.

“It’s an app to help you, as students, be able to know what’s going on around campus,” said Greg Overend, executive director for student engagement, leadership, and orientation.

The app also comes with technology that allows students to be scanned into events rather than the old method of being swiped in. This app allows RSOs to scan students in using a QR code on their phones, which can be accessed through the Charger Connection web page, to provide a live tally of students in attendance.

This system is more efficient and easier than the old system which included swiping in and signing point sheets, which were also done away with in the new system. The QR code is directly linked with USGA so all points for organizations running events are compiled using the QR codes.

Students without smartphones can still be scanned into events, when the administrator can manually tag students into the event through a name search.
“We were very conscious of that because we were concerned about students who might not have smartphones,” said Overend.

The decision to use this new system came from CSELO in an effort to streamline everything to make it easier and cost effective.

“With this new online way to see who is attending every event on campus, it will give them [CSELO] a more accurate representation of every single possibility that students had to get involved throughout the school year,” said Olivia Wong, USGA vice president.

The program was unveiled to incoming students at SOAR, and students received an email with instructions on how to get their code.

The new process also opens a door to a new technology the school is using to help students: co-curricular transcripts. The new system allows for a new check system to assure every event is in Charger Connection, so every event students attended is compiled for them. These events, as well as organizations the student has been a part of, go on their official co-curricular transcript, which can be found in Charger Connection in the pull-down menu under each student’s initial icon.
“It’s a priority of our office this year to market the co-curricular transcripts to get students aware of it but also to make sure that they are well populated because a lot of graduate schools and employers are asking for these now,” said Overend.

He added that the transcripts are used because they “provide validity to go along with the resumes” and that he believes “it’s going to grow, but they’re starting.”
The system has been active on campus since students began moving-in and, while it has taken a while for everyone to get on board, Overend and Wong agree that the system will benefit everyone in the long-run.

“Clubs and students were definitely hesitant to use this new system at first as I did receive some point sheets in the first few days of classes. Like with all new things, people have to learn to adjust and get comfortable with this new way to do what they have been doing for years,” said Wong.

Wong encouraged students with questions to visit her during her office hours or to contact her by email at [email protected]. Overend also encouraged feedback, saying students could come up to the CSELO offices in Bartels or speak with someone at the information desks in Bartels.

“We’re excited about it but you guys are the ones that live it,” said Overend.