Stranger Things 2 is Here


Iyana Jones, Staff Writer

Everyone’s favorite kids from the Upside Down are finally back after a long break from filming. If you were a fan of last season’s haunting villains, fearless kid heroes, and government conspiracy theories, then Season 2 of Stranger Things will be everything you asked for and more.

Season 2 picks up almost a year after the end of the first season, where we find our young supernatural heroes somewhat back in the swing of things.. We see Will struggling with the aftermath of something inside him from last season, that becomes a bigger threat than originally expected. To save their friend once again, the band of brothers,plus a new red headed addition, jump into the world of the supernatural to figure out what’s going on.

Budding relationships are a huge part of this season, which the Duffer Brothers had planned from the start. This season does a great job at maintaining all of the relationships we watched mature and grow from the first season while also starting to plant the seeds for some new ones.

Although some of the combos may seem random, they come together naturally in a way that adds on to each storyline. These new relationships prove to have their own challenges, as we watch characters who love each other fight, and characters who never interact become mentor and mentee. The new dynamics give these actors the opportunity to prove their acting range, which they did effortlessly.

What was so well crafted about this season was how separate, but still wholesome, all the different plot lines were. We were able to allow all of the characters to branch off into their own stories, while still interacting with each other, and working towards an organic merge of every plot. The kids explore darkness inside of themselves, but still hang onto relatable topics such as fighting over a girl. Although some episodes are slower than others, all of them are absolutely necessary to the plot, and to understanding the story. While working towards one ultimate problem, all of the characters get to explore different sides to themselves, as well as each other, which the Duffer Brothers execute marvelously.

Stranger Things 2 does a great job at moving towards progression in  most aspects. The character development, the plotlines, the villains, even the cinematography were all improved tremendously from the original season. After watching this, you’ll be begging for the next installment of the series.