Spotify Playlist: Y2K

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Khaaliq Crowder, Staff Writer

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If you’re feeling nostalgic, this week’s playlist consists of Euro-flavored bubblegum pop songs by our favorite former teen idols that rocked our childhood in the late 90s to the beginning of the new millennium.

Gotta Tell You — Samantha Mumba (2000)
Fresh-faced Mumba came out in 2000 as Ireland’s answer to America’s teen diva success with Britney and Christina. Her debut single “Gotta Tell You,” an all-around catchy dance-pop tune that could’ve been produced by Max Martin.

I Wanna Be Bad — Willa Ford (2000)
Florida-native and former girlfriend of Nick Carter, Willa Ford was a little late to the pop lolita scene in 2001, but stood with a sexy and edgier image with her only hit “I Wanna Be Bad.”

Candy — Mandy Moore (1999)
Before she became a Golden Globe-nominated actress, Mandy enjoyed a brief career in the early 2000s, the youngest of the group of the blonde-haired pop princesses. Her debut single, the sugar-coated “Candy” which was a TRL-favorite.

S Club Party— S Club 7  (1999)
British co-ed group S Club 7 made a major splash in the late 90s, becoming a Radio Disney staple. Press play to their single “S Club Party” as it is guaranteed to pump up your spirit.

Try Again — Aaliyah (2000)
This had to be everyone’s favorite R&B song of the year 2000. Aaliyah not only signaled the release of her third (and unfortunately final) album but she switched up her image from being a tomboy to a more sophisticated-lady like style. The electro-flavored R&B number “Try Again” was the beginning.

Playas Gon Play — 3LW (2001)
These three little women dropped this song in 2001 as a c’est la vie message for the culture. Players will play. Haters will hate. Ballers will ball.

808 — Blaque (1999)
Essentially the teenage edition of TLC (the two singers-one rapper model), Blaque put out this bass-heavy bop “808” in ‘99, comparing love to a Roland 808 drum machine.

Tearin Up My Heart —*NSYNC (1998)
Don’t pretend like you and your clique got together and started mimicking dance moves and lip-syncing to “Tearin Up My Heart” blasting loud through your speakers.

What A Girl Wants — Christina Aguilera (1999)
The light vocal deliverance in the verses might interest you, but it is the catchy hook that will keep you: “What a girl wants/what a girl needs/Whatever makes me happy sets you free.”

There You Go —P!nk (2000)
When P!nk arrived at the music game in 2000, she was very different from the P!nk she is now. She once made sassy urban-R&B while rocking pink hair. Her debut single was the kiss-off anthem “There You Go” produced by Kandi Burruss and Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs who also penned “Bills Bills Bills” and “No Scrubs.”