Spotify Playlist: Contemporary R&B

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Thalia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

For  R&B lovers: this playlist shows the variety of sounds that comes from today’s R&B music that are sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Unravel Me – Sabrina Claudio
This single has a beautiful and calming sound that explores the intimacies and struggles of a newfound love.

On My Mind – Jorja Smith
“On My Mind” is Jorja Smith’s most recently released single. The track is a departure for the vocalist, who pairs her soulful voice with an upbeat UK garage beat.

LSD – Jamila Woods feat. Chance the Rapper
The second single from Woods’ album Heavn, LSD is an ode to Chicago; more specifically, Lake Shore Drive.

Quicksand – SZA
On “Quicksand,” SZAopenly discusses her insecurities within her relationship and how she loses trust in her lover.

Grey Luh – Berhana
Berhana’s “Grey Luh examines the battle between wanting to be surrounded by your lover and coming to the realization that that love you once craved is no longer the same.

Hold Me Down – Daniel Caesar
An ode to Kirk Franklin’s “Hold Me Down, Caesar dives into discussing a love that was once so passionate, but is being held back, and eventually ends because of his lover’s uncertainty.

Lavender and Velvet – Alina Baraz
Baraz’s most recent single, Lavender and Velvet describes the endless and unconditional love Baraz feels and wants to give to her lover.

How I Feel – Marco McKinnis
McKinnis’ soulful and soothing voice paired with a jazz/soul instrumental perfectly sets the mood. McKinnis’ discusses how he wishes he could properly express his emotions to his lover.

New Balance – Jhene Aiko
Aiko’s song off her most recent album Trip serves as bare expression of her emotions that she experienced when leaving one relationship and falling into a newer, happier one.

Lights On – H.E.R.
H.E.R. discusses the lust she feels towards her lover and how she wants to “leave the lights on” because she doesn’t want to miss the connection happening between them.