Sheriff Clarke is Not Done Yet

Sheriff Clarke is Not Done Yet

Glenn Rohrbacker

As of October 11, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee posted another article online about the controversy over him and the University of New Haven.

Sheriff Clarke was originally accusing UNH of disinviting him to the 25th Annual Markle Symposium in October due to his controversial views over #BlackLivesMatter. The University initially responded by saying that the reason behind Sheriff Clarke’s disinvitation was due to the restrictions of cost, and could not meet the requests made by the Sheriff to speak.

President Kaplan cites the true reasoning, of which he heard from Dr. Patrick Malloy and the Dean of the Henry C. Lee College, is that this was not the time to interject a certain point of view during this divisive presidential election. He also noted that the original purpose was to postpone Sheriff Clarke’s visit until after the election.

“When people ask me, I always say I am part of the University of New Haven Party,” he said at an open forum discussion on Monday.

President Kaplan also mentioned that he had no idea of the situation before last week, and didn’t even know who Sheriff Clarke was until he was briefed on the accusations put form by him. Kaplan has been acting as the representative of the University on behalf of those involved with the dealings.

In his most recent blog post, Clarke criticizes UNH’s response pattern, to which President Kaplan admitted, “we have made some mistakes.”

He also goes after Professor Malloy specifically, saying how he “unintentionally” gave misinformation to the University administration, but doesn’t see how that is possible, citing the emails between his staff and Malloy.

“I want to know what Kaplan is going to do about his employee being dishonest with him? Or don’t they have standards of honesty at UNH?” he wrote.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the University administration declined to comment on whether there would be any judicial action taken against Malloy.

Clarke also goes on towards the end of his post to hammer down his point about UNH being a liberal school with no tolerance for other viewpoints.

“If you are a conservative looking for a university that represents a multitude of viewpoints, the University of New Haven is sending you a clear message: Conservatives Need Not Apply,” he concluded.

Also, after reading the last sentence of Sheriff Clarke’s article, you can make the decision to pre-order his new book.


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