Senior Challenge Seeks to Build Connections Post-Graduation

Victoria Cagley , Staff Writer

The Senior Challenge, a semester-long competition for graduating seniors, is kicking off its fourth year. These competitions include weekly tasks that seniors are encouraged to take part in, which enter them into a grand prize drawing at the end of the semester. The Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Events, Brittany Stanchak, runs the program.

“The goal of a program like the Senior ’19 is to bridge the gap between students and the Alumni Association,” said Stanchak. “We want students to know that this program was created for them to engage with the university as much as they can before they graduate.”

The program was designed to increase school spirit in graduating chargers and get them involved with the alumni association to build connections with the university post-graduation. With advertisements all across campus, seniors who are looking to participate will find information about it in their emails, on flat screens, and on social media.

Courtesy of Brittany Stanchak
Student instructions for participating in the challenge.

“It really encourages students to show their Charger pride as a student and carry that pride on as they become a life-long member of the Alumni Association,” Stanchek said.

According to Alumni Relations, the program keeps getting bigger, with student participation growing each year. Some of the different challenges and events held include sending a picture of your favorite place on campus, filling out thank-o-grams for faculty members, or sharing opinions on events you would like to see after graduation.

“The energy around our University is incredible. Charger pride can be seen everywhere you go on campus.  It is so important to keep this energy going, as it is invaluable.” said Stanchek.

The senior challenge gets students to interact and build connections with various departments on campus that they may not have interacted with during their time at the university. These challenges are also designed to give graduating students an opportunity to know what can benefit them as an alumnus of the university.

“We want students to understand that they are just as much a part of the University after they graduate, as they were when they were students here,” said Stanchek.