Sean’s Weekend Sports Summaries

Sean Malone

Jets, week five preview at Houston: If you were to approach a Jets fan and ask them what time it is, you would get a lot of different answers. Some who are still committed to Mark Sanchez would say that Sanchez’s time isn’t up yet. Some Jets fans that are fed up with Sanchez’s mediocrity would say that it’s Tebow Time. Even some crazy, desperate Jets fans would say its McElroy time. According to Rex Ryan, however, it seems like Sanchez’s time will continue.

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw (44) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns.

Now don’t go jumping the gun and saying that it’s the offensive line’s fault or the wide receivers fault for Mark’s lack of success. Sam Bradford has worse of both and is doing much better than Sanchez. Besides, we already saw that same song and dance from Jets fans putting the blame on Brian Schottenheimer, who is Bradford’s offensive coordinator now.

If you think that the Jets are going to bounce back and win this week because they will be motivated to make up for their performance, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Texans are good in every aspect of football. The Jets should play better than they did last Sunday against the 49ers. but not well enough to win. The Texans are arguably playing as well as any team. Watching the game won’t be pretty, especially watching the Jets offense take on the number one defense in the NFL, but it should be better than last week.

My Prediction: 27-6 Texans.

Giants 41, Cleveland 27: It’s amazing how one play can turn around a game. The Giants are coming off a heartbreaking loss at Philadelphia. This week, they are hoping to extract some revenge at home against the Cleveland Browns and, for about the first 28 minutes of the game, it did not seem like they were going to get it. A fumble by Ahmad Bradshaw led to an early 7-0 deficit for the Giants. Then, on the following drive, Browns rookie QB Brandon Weeden hit a bomb to wide receiver Josh Gordon.

The Giants showed some signs of life in this game for the first time, all game after that. They responded with a 92-yard drive that ran over six minutes. After back and forth field goals from both teams, the Giants picked off Weeden, and forced and recovered a fumble on Josh Cribbs on a kickoff return following the Giants touchdown. New York then drove down the field and scored another touchdown, all within two minutes.

After the interception, the Giants scored 24 unanswered points and outscored the Browns 31 to 10 for the remainder of the game. Bradshaw ended the game with 200 yards and a score, and Cruz had three touchdowns himself. However, the Giants did not have a single sack this game. The Giants’ pass rush has been below average this season and with San Francisco, Washington and Dallas coming up on the schedule, the pass rush will need to improve.

Patriots 31, Denver 21:

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning has returned now that Peyton has returned to the field, and it was as good as it has always been. Brady vs. Manning 11 took place at Foxboro this time, as Peyton faced Brady as a Bronco and not a Colt.

Peyton Manning actually out-performed Tom Brady as Manning threw for 345 yards and three touchdowns compared to Brady’s 223 yards and one passing touchdown. Brady also had a rushing touchdown. The Patriot’s biggest advantage in this game was, surprisingly, their ability to run the ball. They had just over 250 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Despite this, Peyton Manning almost went vintage on them as they were driving late in the game, hoping to make it only a one-possession lead before a fumble by Willis McGahee on the New England 11-yard line. The Patriots would kill the clock for the remainder of the game.

So, Brady beat Manning again to move his record against him to 9-4 on his career. As good as this match up has always been, it never gets old. Even if the players are.