Recap: The MTV Movie Awards

Jordan Schonberger

Rather than sitting through a dreary two hours watching an award ceremony of which the winners names you’ve never heard of, it’s always a treat to watch the MTV Movie Awards because their idea of awards are gold-plated buckets of popcorn for Best #wtf Moment. This year’s ceremony, which aired Sunday, April 13, was no exception.

JOSH HUTCHERSON POSES WITH HIS BEST MALE PERFORMANCE Josh Hutcherson poses with his Best Male Performance Award and Movie of The Year Award for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire/ AP photo
Josh Hutcherson poses with his Best Male Performance Award and Movie of The Year Award for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire/ AP photo

Host Conan O’ Brien opened the show with a comedic sketch in which he attempted to break the record for most celebrity cameos in a single MTV show opener. He surpassed the number with fifty celebrities to a previous eight before emerging out of a giant bag of popcorn before the audience.

There was a consistency at the ceremony this year that was pleasant to watch. The music that played as the stars walked up were fun songs that fit the award categories perfectly. Special effects were added to the clips that made them look like old film reels, and after each nominee was announced, their pictures were spliced together onscreen to create the look of a real movie poster, complete with fictional credits at the bottom.

Jared Leto won Best Transformation for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, and Orlando Bloom won Best Fight for his performance in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, alongside Evangeline Lily.

It would be remiss not to mention Zac Efron, who was interrupted by singer Rita Ora after she ripped his shirt off in the middle of his speech for Best Shirtless Performance in That Awkward Moment. Not a single female in the house could be tamed.

The only musical guests that were announced to perform were Rihanna and Eminem, who made a stunning rendition of their gigantic hit “Monster.”

However, a pleasant surprise came from the musical guests that were not announced. Ellie Goulding and famous electro producer, Zedd, performed songs from their hit movie Divergent and a new act named Twenty One Pilots performed their hit single, “Car Radio.” They are a unique band that blends elements of hip hop with synth-pop capabilities, and stole looks from celebs when everyone in the standing section wore white ski masks while jumping around to their set.

Channing Tatum accepted the Trailblazer Award from his 22 Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill and Mark Wahlberg made an obscenely entertaining speech as the Generation Award winner. An amazing In Memorium tribute was given for Paul Walker, and before the night was over, the prestigious Movie of the Year went to The Hunger Games Catching Fire. Josh Hutcherson, who accepted the award, dedicated it to the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played the “game maker” in film, before exiting the stage.

Although the MTV Movie Awards are not the most prestigious award ceremony on television, they are still fun to watch. While you may not agree with every winner, they’re an entertaining representation of fans’ choices.