Rec Sports Administration Line Up

Rec Sports Administration Line Up

Catherine Cinque, Staff Writer

After the departure of Jeff Ryder, the creature of some of our beloved Rec and Club Sports programs, many have been wondering who will take over and continue to help students thrive. Ryder’s old position as senior assistant director has now been restructured to make more time and use out of existing Rec personnel. Alycia Washington has taken over as senior assistant director and the new position is now assistant director for Rec Sports and member guest services.

Ryan Hagen, director of campus recreation, was able to put the rumors to rest about the position being filled and no one showing up. He explained there were candidates on campus at the beginning of the semester but no one was decided on at the time. That was when they resolved to restructure the program and position and adjust the senior assistant director’s duties.

All of these changes have not hindered the day to day operations of Campus Recreation. The university hired graduate student Dallas Luciotti who received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. Luciotti helps with the everyday workings including officiating tasks and rec Sports training.

As for the new open position of assistant director for Rec Sports and member guest services, Hagen stated that for this line of work hiring happens in cycles. They will be waiting to hire in the spring when applicants have finished their internships, schooling, or have had a few years’ experience in the field.

The Rec Department will be taking their time Hagen says, “to find the right person for the job who will come up with innovative new programs.”

The Rec does not want this to interfere or alter the student experience in any way and wants students to know they are here to serve the students.