Quinn XCII releases “Change of Scenery II” almost six years after EP

Elisa D’Egidio, Staff Writer

On Mar. 5, Mikael Temrowski, known by his stage name, Quinn XCII, released his highly-anticipated album, “Change of Scenery II.”

Fans were instantly entranced by the singer’s 12-track album in which he employs honest lyricism as he explores past life experiences. “Change of Scenery II” is a continuation of his EP, which was released in April 2015.

The album starts off with an introductory song, “We Made This Album in Newport.” The 58-second track is characterized by a whimsical melody, alongside a light guitar strumming. He references his song “Native Tongue” from his previous EP with the lyrics “so don’t change.”

“Distracted Youth” is second on the tracklist and is rife with powerful lyrics about young adults looking for a quick fix in relationships.

The track, “My Wife & 2 Dogs” wonderfully combines Quinn’s electronic and hip-hop vibes with his rap-style versess. The music video, in which the artist is shown riding and singing on a Vespa around a neighborhood, premiered on Feb. 12. The song’s lyrics reflect on how Quinn feels “stuck” on the work he does but sometimes it is important to unwind and enjoy the benefits of hard work.

In“SOS,” the pulsing instrumentals give springtime vibes, like laying on the grass and unwinding. With a romantic tone, he promises that he will always stand by his partner’s side no matter what life throws their way.

In track five, “Hey, Goodbye,” Quinn re-lives a former relationship that ended abruptly. The nostalgic melody works wonderfully with the light and smooth electric guitar that plays while he sings the pre-chorus, “I thought we were doing just fine / I thought you were really just mine.”

“Doris Terrace” is a more downtempo song than the others on the album, featuring Jeremy Zucker’s soft voice, combined with ayokay. The lyrics portray an internal battle of self-doubt. The conclusion of the audio is a whisper of a conversation in which a male voice says that no matter the doubts and criticism, the final product is special and amazing.

On Dec. 4, the song “Stay Next To Me” featuring Chelsea Cutler was released, making it the duo’s fifth song together. The song sets listeners in the middle of a crowded party where they want to find that one person to escape with.

“Mexico City” is one of the more cheerful melodies of “Change of Scenery II,” telling the tale of two strangers meeting to eventually “f*ck around and get drunk” and spontaneously going to Mexico City. The song gives off a spring-break feel, even in the time of a global pandemic.

Similar to the electronic beats of a song from his previous album, “A Letter to My Younger Self,” “Monday Morning” and“Am I High Rn” feature drumming and higher-pitched vocals.

In “We Don’t Talk Enough,” featuring Alexander 23, him and Quinn share a story of how events in life sometimes interrupt relationships and friendships causing the people involved to grow distant.

“Feeling Something” is the 11th track on the record. Although it still covers the topic of internal battles, Quinn livens it up with his fast rapping style, guitar strumming and hand-clapping throughout the song. Lyrics such as “we drink and smoke every night / It’s not gonna fix my sadness / Even though it does sometimes” describe struggling in a deceptively upbeat manner.

“Look How Far We’ve Come” concludes the record. The song reminisces on Quinn’s past and acknowledges the journey traveled to arrive at where he currently is in life. The interlude references the instrumental from “Another Day in Paradise,” which was the final song in the original EP. Quinn brings it all together with the chorus, “Look how far we’ve come / When you and I were young / This is all we wanted.”

A collection of all of Quinn XCII’s work can be found on his website. “Change of Scenery II” is available on music streaming platforms.