Pretty Little Liars Spring Premiere


Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

*Warning: Spoilers ahead!*

The summer finale left fans jaw dropped and the spring premiere did just the same. With only ten episodes left until the series finale, Pretty Little Liars aired its first of ten final episodes on Tuesday, April 18th. Fans have been waiting for answers for not only seven years, but also since August’s finale.

To recap what happened during the summer finale, Spencer found out her real mother is Mary Drake, Spencer got shot, Noel was decapitated, and Toby and Ivan got into a car accident. So was Mary telling the truth? Are Toby and Yvonne okay? What happened to Jenna? What is going to happen now that Nicole was found? Well, since Pretty Little Liars wouldn’t be the same without secrets, fans still don’t know what happened to Jenna. They do find out the truth about Spencer, Mary Drake, and about Toby and Ivan.

Spencer survived the shot and was in a cast. However, Yvonne is in a coma, but Toby is all better. Mary Drake is indeed Spencer’s real mother, and the rest we are still waiting to find out.

In the episode, the liars receive a giant gift waiting for them in Spencer’s barn. It is a game called “The Liar’s Lament.” Spencer decided to play on her own, without the approval of the rest of the liars, and the game may be a good thing. From the game, by doing a dare, she got a letter which was handwritten by Mary Drake when she gave birth to Spencer. Also, as the trailer for following episode, it may help the liars out rather than harm them.

With Paige, Emily, and Alison all working together, there was bound to be drama. Alison appears to be jealous of Emily and Paige during a meeting. Also, Mona helps Hanna out– or so it appeared she did. Caleb encouraged Hanna to get back into her passion, fashion designing, and Mona helped her out. Mona was able to get the Senator’s daughter to model Hanna’s work, but there is one problem: she thought Mona was Hanna’s boss. This made Hanna mad, but in the end things worked out.

In the end of the episode, we see Jenna in a car with a person who appears to be A.D. Will we find out who was behind the wheel?

I personally loved this episode, and I am excited to see how the Liar’s Lament plays out through the final nine episodes left. I believe it will be more help, than harm, as it helped Spencer. I really hope Aria and Ezra get married, and I am still on team Spoby.

Fans took to social media to express their thoughts. Many people still can’t believe that Mary is Spencer’s mother. Others don’t want the show to end, and I totally agree. Although, so much has happened in seven years it will be hard to let go of one of my favorite shows. Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform every Tuesday night at 8 p.m.