Phi Sigma Sigma’s Inferno Raises $3,626


Everett Bishop , Staff Writer

University of New Haven sorority Phi Sigma Sigma hosted their annual competitive philanthropy event ‘Phi Sig Inferno’ last Saturday, raising $3,626. Out of the six teams competing, it was the student team “the Sigma Chi Cutie Pies” that clinched the win.

The other five teams were comprised of students in Greek organizations such as Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi, and Kappa Gamma Rho.

Money raised from this fundraiser will go toward the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation of School and College Readiness, which aims to provide school supplies and other necessities to help young women pursue an education.

Philanthropy Director Ellie Kelly had a goal of raising $3,500 for the event, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, surpassing their goal with the total of $3,626.

“We have teams of eight to ten and they each give $10 to participate,” said Phi Sigma Sigma sister Penny Lane. “Then they go through a series of events and articles in order to win the prize…gift cards! And the champion title.”

Events in ‘Inferno’ included an inflatable obstacle course, tug-of-war, messy Twister, relays races, a trivia competition with categories in science, English, culture, Phi Sigma Sigma and others.

Though a majority of the event’s attendees were Greek life members, the event was not exclusive. In fact, Phi Sig sisters believe that this event has the potential to bring more of the campus together.

“We would love to expand this event to the rest of the campus someday and hopefully get the word around a lot better,” said Lane.

“I like the way we do the event because it brings a lot of people on campus together for a good cause,” said sister Rachel Buck. “And it’s a fun thing to do!”

It was only a few years ago when Sam Carlisto, a now alum of the organization, heard of another chapter hosting an ‘Inferno’ event that she decided to bring ‘Inferno’ to the university.

“I met a girl from the Phi Sig Syracuse chapter and she said to me ‘Hey girl, you look like you could use Inferno in your life’,” said Carlisto. “I asked ‘What’s that?’ She explained, and ‘Inferno’ at UNH was born!”