Panhellenic Recruitment


Caitlin Carney

September 20 through 22 was panhellenic recruitment for three of the four coordinating organizations on campus. The sororities, unique in their own way, all enjoyed various events across campus throughout the week. These events drew in a diverse crowd of prospective members who were interested in the various philanthropies that these sororities work with.

Phi Sigma Sigma, which was established at U.N.H. in 2007, held a meeting on Tuesday night in order for the prospective members to meet the sisters. In this event, Phi Sigma Sigma informed prospective members of their organization’s dedication to academic excellence, community involvement and philanthropic activities. Phi Sigma Sigma’s motto is to “aim high” in all that they do, within the sorority and on campus in general

Wednesday, the group taught their prospective members about the philanthropies they work with. Phi Sigma Sigma raises money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation for School and College Readiness through their Phi Sig Inferno event, which is being held on October 2 this year. Throughout the year, they also contribute to local philanthropies such as making chew toys for dogs and gloves for children in the hospital.

During this event the current and prospective members made goodie bags of school supplies for their philanthropies. This event was the favorite for prospective member, Elise Catan.

Catan said, “That was probably my favorite night because along with getting to just hang out with the other girls, we did something fun and positive!”

Catan is a sophomore this year who was extended a bid from Phi Sigma Sigma, which she accepted on Friday.

“I felt so welcomed by the other girls.” Cantan said. “Phi Sig really does feel like a home full of people who care about you.”

Catan found the week to be a really awesome experience and she was excited to return every night of the week. She highly recommends going Greek to anyone.

One of the oldest Greek organizations on campus, Chi Kappa Rho, also held an informational informational for their prospective members on Tuesday night. Prospectives learned more about XKP’s belief in promoting understanding and friendship among women.

Chi Kappa Rho then held a speed dating event on Wednesday night. This event undoubtedly allowed the sisters to stick by their motto to “share the friendship and spirit” and pass this along to the prospective members.

Chi Kappa Rho holds many events and does community service on campus and within the local community. In addition, they lend a hand to U.N.H. in holding various events, such as the Alumni Ball. Another major event they participate in is Flavors of Connecticut where they volunteer to support the American Liver Foundation. Chi Kappa Rho also funds a scholarship, the only Greek organization on campus to do so, which honors their founding advisor, Virginia M. Parker.

Omega Phi Beta is a Latina sorority on campus that also held events last week. OPB was established at U.N.H. in 2010 providing more diversity to the Greek life on campus.

On Tuesday night, Omega Phi Beta held an event entitled “Remember Your Roots,” which definitely helps promote the diversity of their organization.

When Omega Phi Beta was founded, it was based on education, diversity and community service. The sisters of OPB strive for greatness in academic, professional and personal endeavors.

Omega Phi Beta’s philanthropy is immigration outreach. Many of the members come from immigrant parents or family members, and therefore understand the hardships many immigrants face. They aim to inform immigrants on helpful tools they have available to them. OPB also hopes to raise awareness about the hardships that immigrant/refugee families face along their journey.

The last sorority that was recruiting last week is Delta Phi Epsilon who carried out the theme for “sweet adventure” throughout the week. Through their candy themed events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, Delta Phi Epsilon was able to show the foundations their organization was built on; the bonds of sisterhood, and support for one another. On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the sorority was split up, but on Thursday they all came together which made Thursday night the favorite night for Vice President, Cassandra Courtemarche.

Delta Phi Epsilon’s mission is for women to develop a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good. DPhiE thinks the most important reason girls should join is if it feels like home to them.

Delta Phi Epsilon is holding an event called “Deepher Dude” this fall to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Last year they raised over $7,000. This is not their only philanthropy though, in the spring they also focus on ANAD which is Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

On Friday (September 23), the sororities held “welcome home” parties to celebrate the expansion of their organizations and to welcome all of the ladies who accepted bids into their organization.

All of these sororities are unique in their own ways. They all have different missions and intentions and are all very diverse, a prefect reflection of the U.N.H. community.